It is never too early to shop for stocking stuffers for your kids. You’ll never know what kind of unique gifts you’ll come across before the holiday season starts and what kind of deals you’ll find. You are Santa’s helper to stuff the kid’s stockings, but you are not really sure what to fill in. If that is your dilemma, let us help you out. We have brought together a list of 55 stocking stuffer ideas — which include creative and fun stuff that both girls and boys love. You can find most of these items on Amazon (by clicking on the images) or at your local store.

Get ready to create heart-warming Christmas stocking memories. Start holiday shopping earlier this year and wrap the small gifts individually to add more suspense for each of the stocking stuffers. Scroll down to discover now! Best Ever Stocking Stuffers for Kids.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids (Boys & Girls)

Impress the children with these stocking stuffers — without having to spend big bucks.

1. Cute keychain

Cute brown bear keychain. Protector of the keys and other little things. Cute accessory for the kid’s backpack.

Brown Bear Puffball Keychain
Brown Bear Puffball Keychain

2. Unique bandages

Sloth nurse is here to protect small cuts from dirt and bacteria. These cute adhesive bandages come in a tin and are a practical stocking stuffer.

Sloth Nurse Bandages
Sloth Nurse Bandages

3. Origami kit

Origami or paper folding art is fun. This origami kit provides all the kids need to get started. This small gift will help improve the kids’ motor skill, creativity, and ability to follow instructions.

Origami 365: A Year of Folding Fun
Origami 365: A Year of Folding Fun

4. A book bag

Practical unicorn tote bag. Affordable stocking stuffer the kids will find useful. See more unicorn stuff.

Food for Thought Unicorn Tote Bag
Food for Thought Unicorn Tote Bag

5. Composition book

Notebooks are awesome for kids! The unicorns on the cover aren’t your regular unicorn they’re unicorns that are cat-like — which means they’re super cute! The kids will love this practical (but cheap) stocking stuffer.

Cute Caticorn Composition Book
Cute Caticorn Composition Book

6. Washi tapes

Kids love washi tapes! They can use it like a regular tape. But most commonly, washi tapes are a great way to decorate the kids’ school supplies. Add flair to the notebook, scrapbook, or bullet journal!

Marble Floral Gold Foil Washi Tape
Marble Floral Gold Foil Washi Tape

7. Fun desk accessories

Hot Dog Tape Dispenser
Hot Dog Tape Dispenser

8. Marquee light

This idea is perfect for the kids who want to decorate their own bedroom.

Star Shaped LED Marquee Sign
Star Shaped LED Marquee Sign

9. Joke book

Why so serious? Let the kids have some laughs. This joke book is the perfect humorous stocking stuffer the kids will love.

The Big Book of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids
The Big Book of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

10. Finger Flashlights/ puppets

Small? check. Cute? check. Cheap? check. Awesome? check.

LED Light Up Rings
LED Light Up Rings

11. Hair accessories

Keep the girl’s hair under control. These hair clips are going to look great on the little girl.

Acrylic Hair Barrettes
Acrylic Hair Barrettes

12. Earrings for kids

Rudolph Reindeer Stud Earrings
Rudolph Reindeer Stud Earrings

13. Journal

Between Mom and Me: A Mother and Son Keepsake Journal
Between Mom and Me: A Mother and Son Keepsake Journal

14. Hair brush

My Mermaid Detangler Brush
My Mermaid Detangler Brush

(Check this mermaid guide out if your daughter is an aspiring mermaid.)

15. Fashion lapel pin

Foodie Brooch Pin
Foodie Brooch Pin

(See here for 20+ awesome food-themed gifts)

16. String lights

Fantasy Rainbow Fairy Lights
Fantasy Rainbow Fairy Lights

17. Terrarium kit for kids

Dinosaur Fairy Garden in a Jar
Dinosaur Fairy Garden in a Jar

18. Christmas book

The Don't Laugh Challenge
The Don’t Laugh Challenge

Inexpensive Educational Gifts for Kids

What are some affordable stocking stuffers that will help educate the kids?

19. Fidget and Sensory Toy
20. Compass
21. Harmonica (Read here if you are interested in music gifts for kids)
22. Rubik’s Cube
23. Puzzle games
24. Kaleidoscope
25. Sand art kit
26. Geode

Kids Themed Stationery as Stocking Stuffers

27. Digital bookmark
28. Assorted colored gel pens
29. Notepads
30. Sticky notes
31. Washable markers
32. Unique paper clips
33. Stickers (We recommend these 16 kawaii stationery and Emoji themed school supplies loved by kids)

Fashion & Accessories for Kids

34. Funky Socks
35. Beanie/ Gloves
36. Plush slippers
37. Coin Purse
38. Watch for kids

Small Toys & Games for Kids

39. Small board game
40. Mini toy figurine
41. Playing cards
42. Hot Wheels
43. Prank kit
44. Yoyo
45. Silly Putty
46. Plush toys
47. Sea Monkeys

Other Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Kids

48. Personalized mug
49. Earbuds
50. Stress ball
51. Temporary tattoos
52. Flashlight
53. Comic book
54. Magnets
55. Candy/ Chocolates

That concludes our list of 55 Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids. If you have any interesting idea to add to the list, share with us in the comment section below.

Happy shopping!

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