When you have done shopping for the big Christmas gift for your teen boy, it’s time to get ready for the small stuffers. See here for a list of awesome stocking stuffers that teens really want. This teen-approved list contains more than 30 cheap and small stuff that teen boys love. From affordable tech gadgets to trendy fashion accessories, cool decor, unique school supplies, and more. These are the best things you should get for your teenage guy this Christmas.


Best Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Boys

1. Men’s Wallet

A slim wallet that is styled perfectly for the teenage boys. It is cool-looking and functional. This fabric wallet by Herschel has multiple card slots and a storage sleeve at the top.

Herschel mens Charlie Rfid Card Case Wallet
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2. Tech Gloves

You can also fill his stocking with a pair of touchscreen gloves. It is affordable and super useful to the smartphone-dependent guys.

Touch Screen Glove
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3. Stylish Sunglasses

Another cool stuff to put in his Christmas stocking. He will be impressed by this pair of beautiful wooden sunglasses. It looks stylish and sharp on every man.

Bamboo Wooden sunglasses
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4. Bigfoot Bandages

Stick this cute bandage when you have a cut. Bigfoot will heal your wound as he stepped out from the woods.

Bigfoot Bandages
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5. Gum Magnets

Something quirky to make him smile. A set of four realistic-looking chewed gum magnets.

Chewing Gum Magnets
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6. Clip-On Book Light

This portable light with a flexible neck has three adjustable brightness levels and a strong grip clip that you can clip onto any surface. You can use it when you are reading, camping, doing crafts or an automotive repair task.

The Original Mighty Bright NuFlex Clip-On Book Light
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7. Unique Socks

This is perfect for the book lovers. It is an interesting pair of socks that look like the library due date cards. It comes in a set of red and green perfect for the holiday.

Library Card Cotton Socks
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8. You Are Turtley Awesome Motivational Mug

For the teenage boy who loves turtles.

You Are Turtley Awesome Motivational Mug
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9. Tentacle Crochet Beard Beanie

Be sure to fill your teenage boy’s stocking with something exciting. Make him LOL with this weird octopus hat. It looks really fun and it will definitely keep his face warm this winter.

Tentacle Crochet Beard Beanie
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10. Superhero Action Figure Keychain

Bring justice wherever you go…on your keys! This is a small prezzie that boys will like.

Captain America Keychain
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11. Teens Hair Product

Another stocking stuffer that he will actually use. Boys at his age love playing with a different hairstyle. Help him to re-stock on the hair styling product. He definitely needs it.

Sebastian Craft Clay Texturizing Hair Clay
Sebastian Craft Clay Texturizing Hair Clay
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12. Pajama Set

Comfy sleepwear is another practical stuff to fill his stocking. Be sure to fold and roll it neatly before you put it in.

Star Wars Merry Force Be With You Pajama Set
Star Wars Family Matching Pajama Set
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13. LED Touch Screen Watch 

This is an inexpensive LED watch under $15. You can touch the dial screen to show time and be amazed by the blue starry sky.

LED Touch Screen Watch 
Universe Stars LED Touch Screen Watch
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14. Dream Big T-Shirt

Because a simple statement tee never goes out of fashion.

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15. High Capacity Power Bank

Back him up with a lot of extra batteries. This compact power bank is able to supply 20000mAh of power. It has dual outputs to charge two devices simultaneously. This powerful beast is quick charging and the battery lasts really long.

NinjaBatt Power Ban
NinjaBatt Power Bank
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16. Body Spray for Men

Yes, boys need to smell great too. Vintage Black by Kenneth Cole offers a pleasing scent of lime and pink grapefruit as the top note. It is blended with lavender, tequila accord, sandalwood, and musk to complete as the base note.

Kenneth Cole Vintage Black Body Spray
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17. Math Symbols Pen

The math geek will appreciate this 3-in-1 multifunction pen. It is a ballpoint pen with a LED light and a rubber stylus for operating a touchscreen device.

Symbols of Mathematics Engraved Gift Pen
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18. Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds are cheap and guys love it. So, why not fill his Christmas stocking with a pair of sleek-looking earbuds?

iLuv TB100 Wireless Earbuds
iLuv TB100 Wireless Earbuds
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19. Boxer Shorts for Teens

Because underwear with a funny design will make him laugh.

Animal Boxers
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20. The Manual to Manhood

This is a good read for the young man. This book has a collection of one hundred step-by-step instructions on almost everything a guy needs to know. With useful illustrations and supporting social media, this book talks about the skills and traits practiced by a confident man.

The topics cover from how to wear a cologne correctly, to how to grill a perfect steak, managing money, and more. This interesting guide will help your teenage boy to become the best of men.

The Manual to Manhood
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21. Kiss My Hass Avocado Pin

Because we need to add this cool avocado pin into our collection.

Avocado Lapel Pin
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22. T-Rex Sticky Notes

Note-making is less boring with the help of T-Rex.

T-Rex Sticky Notes
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23. Minions Shotglass Set

If he loves Minions, this set of four mini glasses is a must-have collectible for him.

Despicable Me Minions Mugshot Mini Glasses
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24. Stress Relief Gag Doll

Because the life of a teenager is never too easy and they need a gag voodoo doll to whack, punch, throw, and pinch with.

Dammit Doll Rebellious Rocker
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25. Nanoblock Electric Guitar

Awesome build model with incredible detail for the music lovers. Piano, drum set, violin, and ukulele are also available.

Nanoblock Electric Guitar
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26. Bacon Lip Balm

Grease up those lips and say goodbye to dry lips this winter.

Bacon Lip Balm
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27. Wash Away Your Sins Kit

This stuff is hilarious. It contains (i) one industrial strength soap bar that is “proven” to wash away sin after sin, and (ii) three Easter-lily scented towelettes for the sinners on the go.

Wash Away Your Sins Soap
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28. Farting Poop Emoji Pen

This pen is full of gas. You should use it when you are doing homework with a group of friends. Click it to blow off real fart sound to make everyone laugh.

Farting Poop Emoji Pen
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29. Fa La La Beanie

How can we forget to get an ugly beanie to match with the ugly sweater? Let’s get this colorful beanie adorned with super bright LEDs to celebrate the wonderful season.

LED Light-Up Ugly Beanie
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30. Personalized Braided Bracelet

Stylish men’s bracelet for the fashionista. It is made of black leather and stainless steel. You can customize it the way you want by picking your own engraving phrase.

VNOX Personalized Bracelet
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31. Push Pop Bubble Fidget Spinner

For that angry teenager in your life. This little toy will help him to relieve stress by providing a focal point for his mind.

Jawhock 3 Pack Pop Fidget Spinner
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32. Nanoblock Bonsai 

You can also fill it with something green. Let him build his own bonsai tree. It is fun to put together and nice to look at when it is completed.

Nanoblock Pine Bonsai Tree Building Set
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33. Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

Give him a bag of farts from Santa’s favorite reindeers. It is 100% magical and 200% fun. Your teenage boy will burst out laughing when he sees it.

Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy
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That concludes our list of best stocking stuffer ideas for teenage boys. Thanks for reading.

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