We know buying a gift for your boyfriend is kind of difficult, especially if your S.O. doesn’t say anything about his Christmas wishlist. Here, we have got you covered with more than 40 thoughtful Christmas gifts for every type of boyfriend. You can find men-approved products and best-selling items for men in the gift guide below. We even put together a separate list for Christmas gift for boyfriend who already owns everything and sentimental gift for your long-distance boyfriend. This list of ideas also works great for your bae’s birthday and anniversary.

Disclosure: This post contains products that I personally like and may contain affiliate links. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post, at no cost to you. ūüôā

Popular Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend 2023

1. Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt Sneaker

For the guy who is into fashion, get him a pair of stylish kicks. All-white sneaker is totally on trend. Cole Haan’s minimalist design and its rich leather give this shoe an extra tasteful vibe.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Cole Haan Men's Grand Crosscourt Sneaker | Gifts for Boyfriend
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2. Sock Subscription from Society Socks

Don’t let the dirty socks get in the way. Provide him with fresh pairs of socks from Society Socks. Subscribe and get two exciting pairs delivered at his door every month.
This is an amazing Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Your boyfriend will be surprised with his new colorful and fun socks for the months to come. Also, two pairs of socks will be donated away on your behalf to the people in need.
Sock Subscription from Society Socks

3. Best Boyfriend of the Year Mug

Your bae appeared on the local news as the “best boyfriend of the year”. Tell him how lucky you are to have him as your boyfriend.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Best Boyfriend of the Year Mug | Gifts for Boyfriend
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4. Fast Charging Stand

Make his life easy. Get a 3-in-1 charging dock for him. This is a smart wireless charger that charges three devices at the same time.

Charging Dock Stand
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5. Love Quote Engraved Wooden Watch

Your boyfriend will definitely love this good-looking watch handcrafted from natural wood. It features a classic dial with unique wood grain and a matching leather band. This watch is carefully engraved with a love quote at the back — making it the best ever Christmas gift for your boyfriend.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Love Quote Engraved Wooden Watch | Gifts for Boyfriend
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6. Retro Mechanical Keyboard

Up his typing game with this cool-looking retro keyboard. It is a mechanical keyboard that has fast response suitable for everyday use and gaming. This keyboard also has rainbow backlight and it’s fully anti-ghosting. It definitely is a cool tech gift for your boyfriend this Christmas.

Mechanical Keyboard LED Backlit
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7. Atlas Man Whiskey Decanter

If your man is a whiskey drinker, this unique decanter will make him happy. The bronze guy is crafted beautifully and the globe-shaped crystal decanter is etched with a map detail.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Atlas Man Whiskey Decanter | Gifts for Boyfriend
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8. Dash Compact Air Fryer

Make healthier crisps with ease out of this awesome air fryer. This kitchen helper turns your food crispy and crunchy in minutes. Whether your S.O. is a professional chef or not, he will love having this compact appliance in his home kitchen.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Dash Compact Air Fryer | Gifts for Boyfriend
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9. Pioneer Over-Ear Wireless Headphone

Up his music listening game with this pair of luxurious leather headphones by Pioneer. It features a large 40mm driver that can produce high-resolution audio, rich bass, and clear sound. The wide cushioned headband fits a variety of head shapes comfortably.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Pioneer Over-Ear Wireless Headphone | Gifts for Boyfriend
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10. A Casual Men’s Shirt

A staple in every guy’s closet — a lightweight casual shirt perfect for a drink or two during the weekends.

Chambray Shirt
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11. Bellroy Slim Leather Wallet

Another thoughtful Christmas gift for boyfriend. Help him to get rid of the old bulky wallet by gifting this premium leather wallet. Carry your cash and cards in this super-slim wallet. It is sleek and functional perfect for the modern guys.

Bellroy Note Wallet
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12. Darth Vader Waffle Maker

If your bae is a big Star Wars fan, he’ll love this cool waffle maker that makes Darth Vader waffle.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Darth Vader Waffle Maker | Gifts for Boyfriend
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13. APOLLO Premium Longboard

For your boyfriend who’s at college. Give him a fun ride with this sturdy bamboo longboard. It is flexible and easy to maneuver around the town, down the hills, and along the boardwalk.

APOLLO Longboard Skateboard
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14. MaaMgic Swim Trunks

Get him a pair of new swim trunks for your next beach date. This pineapple print one is looking seriously cute.

Christmas Gift Ideas | MaaMgic Swim Trunks | Gifts for Boyfriend
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15. Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

For couples to create bucket list goals together and record their bucket list adventure memories.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples | Gifts for Boyfriend
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16. SweetLF Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver

Give your man a smooth and clean shave with this cordless shaver. It is waterproof and has a quiet highspeed motor to trim unwanted facial hair without noise.

Christmas Gift Ideas | SweetLF Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver | Gifts for Boyfriend
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Gifts for Boyfriend Who Has Everything

17. Chill Pill Tray

Add a pop of color to his home with this contemporary decorative piece. This resin tray features colorful chill pills.

Rainbow Chill Pill Resin Tray
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18. Vintage Tabletop Popcorn Maker

A classic decoration for the guys who have everything. Get this 1900’s carnival-inspired popcorn cart to add some quirkiness to his living space. This is a functional popcorn maker that pops up to 10 cups of movie theater-style popcorn.

Nostalgia Vintage Popcorn Cart
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19. Holiday Moose Hooded Plush Robe

If he loves lounging in a robe, he might already own a few robes. Why get a plain robe when he can have this plushy brown robe with a cute moose hood? We are sure he won’t want to take it off after feeling how cozy it is.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Holiday Moose Hooded Plush Robe | Gifts for Boyfriend
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20. I Wrote a Book About You

What about giving him a heartfelt gift with some personal touch? Write down your thoughts and express how much you care in this fill-in-the-blank book to make this a special Christmas gift for him.

Christmas Gift Ideas | I Wrote a Book About You | Gifts for Boyfriend
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21. World’s Awesomest Boyfriend Socks

When your boyfriend is the world’s most awesomest boyfriend, he deserves to get this pair of socks.

Christmas Gift Ideas | World's Awesomest Boyfriend Socks | Gifts for Boyfriend
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22. Best Cat Dad of The Year Mug

If your boyfriend is a cat owner, he will love this newspaper style mug.

(Cat lovers, don’t miss out this fantastic collection of cat mugs)

Best Cat Dad of The Year Newspaper Style Mug
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23. Columbia Men’s Hoodie Sweatshirt

This hoodie will become his new favorite. It is warm and soft. The faded orange and blue colors look really special.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Columbia Men's Hoodie Sweatshirt | Gifts for Boyfriend
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24. T-REX Bottle Opener

Yes, we know he already has a bottle opener. But what about a strong dinosaur bottle opener?

Christmas Gift Ideas | T-REX Dinosaur Bottle Opener | Gifts for Boyfriend
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25. Animal Pun Underwear for Men

A funny gift to make your boyfriend laugh because behind him resides a silent but deadly creature.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Funny Underwear for Men | Gifts for Boyfriend
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26. Cremo Reserve Collection Shave Cream

Help him to stock up the shaving cream. It is a practical gift for your boyfriend who has everything.

Cremo Barber Grade Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Shave Cream
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27. Basketball Hoop Trash Can for Office 

If he is an outdoorsy guy, you can’t go wrong with a sports-themed gift. Get this miniature basketball hoop to keep your basketball boyfriend entertained when he is in the office.

Christmas Gift Ideas | The Dunk Collection Trash Can Basketball Hoop for Office√ā¬† | Gifts for Boyfriend
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28. Holy Water Hip Flask

See him laugh when he sees this. We bet the holy water will make him feel so much better.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Holy Water Hip Flask | Gifts for Boyfriend
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29. Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

This mini computer sings! If you are looking for a fun tech gift, this portable speaker makes an excellent choice. It is powerful, loud, and you can create your own creative art on the LED screen. And, it has other features like  alarm clock,  stopwatch, and calendar.

Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker
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30. Heisenberg Cutting Board

Let the boys do their cooking projects with the companion of Heisenberg.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Breaking Bad HEISENBERG Cutting Board | Gifts for Boyfriend
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Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend

31. Long Distance Love Engraved Rock

A sentimental keepsake rock for your loved one. This finely polished rock is engraved with a heartfelt love message.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Love Engraved Rock | Gifts for Boyfriend
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32. MLE Toiletry Bag Travel Dopp Kit

For when he is going on business trips or packing for a trip to see you. This toiletry bag is made of water-resistant PU leather with luxurious inner lining and zippered pockets inside.

Leather Shaving Bag
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33. 90X Goal Planner

If your guy is a journal guy. This 90-day productivity planner will get him works more efficiently. It is a comprehensive planner to help him rock his goal settings, manage time better, and be motivated to work toward achieving his dreams.

Christmas Gift Ideas | 90X 90 Day Undated Goal Planner | Gifts for Boyfriend
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34. I Love You Rain or Shine Box Sign

A romantic gift to express your love to him.

Christmas Gift Ideas | I Love You Rain or Shine Box Sign | Gifts for Boyfriend
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35. Miss You Sentiment Keychain

Tell your long-distance boyfriend how much you miss him with this keychain.

(Read here if you are interested in Matching Couple Keychains)

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36. Travel Duffel Bag

Whether for travel or the gym, a good-quality duffel bag is one of the best gifts for him. With this bag, your boyfriend can pack up his change of clothes, towel, and other belongings with ease.

Sports Duffle Bag
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37. LDR Matching Puzzle Necklaces

Couple-themed jewelry like matching bracelets and necklaces is a sweet gift you can get for your long distance boyfriend. We love this set of puzzle necklaces that fit nicely when put together. It represents the hearts of two lovers who want to be united.

Puzzle Piece Pendant Necklace
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38. Warm Slip-On Slippers 

Make sure his feet stay warm and cozy this winter.

IZOD Men's Two-Tone Moccasin Slipper
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39. Winter Holiday Cufflinks

Send him a pair of good-looking cufflinks. This pair of beautiful Christmas tree cufflinks is perfect for the holiday season.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Christmas Tree Shaped Cufflinks | Gifts for Boyfriend
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40. Capsule Letter Message In a Bottle 

A cheap but meaningful gift to touch his heart. Write some secret notes and love message for your man. We are sure these potent love pills will cure his lovesickness.

Christmas Gift Ideas | apsule Letter Message In a Bottle | Gifts for Boyfriend
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41. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

Get him a new suitcase if he has to travel a lot. This hard shell carry-on with double spinner wheels will be appreciated. It is sturdy and roomy — great for local and international flights.

Christmas Gift Ideas | AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage | Gifts for Boyfriend
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42. Kikkerland Crab Multi Tool

Every guy needs a multi-tool, but not any crappy multi-tool. A 6-in1 crab multitool will come in handy for everyday task.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Kikkerland Crab Multi Tool | Gifts for Boyfriend
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