Feeling the need to upgrade your workspace at home while having a small budget? We are here to help you out with some simple and cost-saving decorating ideas. Transform your home office with these modern and affordable office decorations. Learn how to dress up your home office with easy DIY home office ideas below. Get 12 functional decorating and organizing tips to create a more productive workspace.

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Home Office Ideas On A Budget

1. Wall Mount Organizer Rack — A Space-Saving Storage Idea for Home Office

The number one idea to create a stylish home office is to keep your workspace clean and neat. You will need a proper place to keep your stuff. This wall mount organizer rack is a must-have. It makes sorting documents easier.

home office organization ideas
Wall Mount Organizer Rack
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2. Personal Bulletin Board — To Remind Yourself of the To-Dos

You can beautify your workspace with pretty desk decoration. This vintage chalkboard is an excellent choice. It is perfect to write down your to-do list or inspirational quotes to motivate yourself.

home office decoration ideas
Personal Bulletin Board
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3. Stylish Pen Holder — Keep All Your Stationeries in One Place

Glam up your desk with Kate Spade Acrylic Gold Tone Pencil Cup. It looks cute and chic on any desk!

stylish office supplies
Kate Spade Acrylic Gold Tone Pencil Cup
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4. Portable Storage Space — Metal Storage Cart

Versatile storage cart suitable for people who prefer a clean, minimalist home office design. This is a three-tier storage cart with wheels. It definitely looks sleek and stylish.

home office design and organization ideas
Metal Storage Cart
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5. Desk Calendar — To Keep Track of Your Work Schedule

For proper time management, get a desk calendar to keep notes and messages close at hand.

home office design ideas
Desk Calendar
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6. Office Supplies Organizer

Store all your office supplies in one place. Keep your desk clutter free. We recommend this clear plastic organizer is a fantastic choice. Simple and good-looking. It blends well in any home office style.

Acrylic Clear Organizer Drawer Set
Acrylic Clear Organizer Drawer Set
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7. Glass Jar with Chalkboard – Good For Sorting Small Office Supplies

If you have a lot of receipts to record, you can keep them in a glass jar like this. Put them all in a jar and sort it out slowly.

This type of glass jar is also good for storing art supplies, paper clips and other small stuff.

home office decoration ideas
Glass Jar with Chalkboard
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8. Geometric Trigg Hanging Container — A Stylish Organizing Idea

Modern home office decoration designed by Moe Takemura. Geometric shaped wall vessel to store office item and other knick-knacks. It is made of ceramic and metal wire. Contemporary design with a cool-looking perfect for any space.

home office design ideas
Geometric Trigg Hanging Container
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9. Pretty File Folders – Sort Your Papers and Documents

Ladies, this set of pretty file folders is not to be missed. They have lovely colors with cute words. They are absolutely fun for holding paperwork at work.

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Pastel Professional File Folders
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10. Hangit Photo Display

Another awesome idea for home office — create your own art gallery at work. This rack is inspired by country signs hanging on wire fences. Features two wooden supports with five twine cords and 40 wooden “clothespin” clips.

Display your favorite photos and artworks. Great for hanging memos, letters and greeting cards too!

home office decoration ideas
Hangit Photo Display
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11. Unique Office Supplies

It would be nice if we can add some personal touch to our office supplies. I found this sticky note holder really interesting. It has a pocket to slip in photos. Users can personalize it with photos of their kids, pets or small motivational poster.

home office supplies
Acrylic Photo Sticky Note Holder
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12. A Plant for Your Home Office – Amethyst Crystal Air Plant Garden

Add a touch of life to your workspace. It’s great to place some flowers or plants to lift up the mood. This beautiful purple crystal air plant garden is a wonderful choice. It can be used as a paperweight or simply, an eye-catching decoration.

office desk decoration ideas
Amethyst Crystal Air Plant Garden
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That’s the list of 12 home office decoration and organization ideas that are affordable, stylish, and modern. Let’s start styling to make your workspace more exciting!

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