Show appreciation to your boss with a small and meaningful gift this Boss’s Day. Get 18 unique Boss’s Day gifts here. Suitable for both male and female boss, these small token of appreciation are the perfect gifts for every boss.

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Boss Day gift ideas

Unique Office Supplies

1.   Blocks Shape USB Memory Stick

Let’s start our list of 18 Boss’s Day Gifts with something colorful. Brighten up your boss’s desk with this Lego block USB storage drive. Bright color, fun. It has a large capacity and fast transferring rate.

Lego Blocks Shape USB Memory Stick. Boss Day gifts. Office supplies.
Blocks Shape USB Memory Stick

2.   Mini Table Vacuum Cleaner

Compact cleaning gadget perfect for office use.  Small, lightweight and powerful. Clean dust, scraps, and crumbs easily from your keyboard, desk or chair.

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Mini Table Vacuum Cleaner. Bosses Day gift ideas. Office supplies.
Mini Table Vacuum Cleaner

3.   Ice Cream Pen

Sweet treat for your boss. Set of six colorful ice cream pens. Cute and functional. Makes a creative Boss’s Day gift.

Boss Day gift ideas. Office supplies. Ice Cream Pen
Ice Cream Pen

4.   Desk Organizer Drawer

This is a great organizer for workspace. Five drawers, minimalist design. Great for storing office supplies like clips, notepads, pen, pins and more.

Desk Organizer Drawer. Office decor. Bosses Day gift ideas.
Desk Organizer Drawer

Gift Ideas for Female Boss

5.   Boss Lady Pen Set

Boss’s Day gift for women– chic pen to jot down her schedule, goals, and everything she needs. Pretty colors, stylish.

Boss Lady Pen Set. Boss Day gift ideas for women.
Boss Lady Pen Set

6.   Boss Lady Travel Mug

Beautiful tumbler for her to drink with style. 16 oz capacity. Makes one of the best Boss’s Day gifts for female boss.

Boss Lady Travel Mug. Female boss gifts. (Boss Day gift ideas for women)
Boss Lady Travel Mug

7.   Vera Bradley Your Turn Wristlet 

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A beautiful wristlet that your female boss will love. By Vera Bradley. It features fabulous Marrakesh motifs. This wristlet has four separate compartments (one designed especially for a smartphone), three card slips plus zippered coin pocket.

Vera Bradley Your Turn Wristlet. Gifts for female boss. (Bosses Day gift ideas for women)
Vera Bradley Your Turn Wristlet

8.   Macaron Bath Bombs Gift Set

Adorable macaron bath bombs that she will appreciate. Made from organic ingredients and natural essentials oils. It moisturizes the skin and calms your senses. Eight lovely scents to match your mood.

Macaron Bath Bombs- Bosses Day gift ideas for women
Macaron Bath Bombs Gift Set

Something Fun for Your Boss

9.   Tears of my Staff Mug 

This awesome mug makes one of the best Boss’s Day gifts. It has a simple and hilarious design. It says “These are the tears of my staff”. Will definitely make your boss laugh.

Tears of my Staff Mug. Bosses Day gifts for men.
Tears of my Staff Mug

10.   Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To!

A fantastic book to inspire and enlighten the bosses. It is a parody of Dr. Suess’s Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Filled with a unique blend of hilarious verses and images, this book offers a realistic look at the corporate world.

Oh, The Meetings You'll Go To! (Bosses Day gift ideas for men and women)
Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To!

11.   World’s Most Awesome Boss Key Chain

An inexpensive, small Boss’s Day gift. For the world’s most awesome boss. Meaningful and cute.

World's Most Awesome Boss Key Chain (Boss Day gift ideas)
World’s Most Awesome Boss Key Chain

12.   Liquid Therapy Funny Wine Glass

For him/ her to unwind after a stressful day. Use this glass, pour some wine and enjoy. Isn’t it the best therapy for the hard working adults?

Liquid Therapy Funny Wine Glass. Boss Day gifts.
Liquid Therapy Funny Wine Glass

Decorations for The Boss’s Office

13.   Mini Zen Garden 

Unique office decor to fill some peace and Zen elements to the workspace. This miniature Zen garden helps you to relax and calm the mind. It comes with sand, trees, rocks, bridge, and pagoda for you to create your own peaceful garden.

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Mini Zen Garden. Boss Day gifts for women and men.
Mini Zen Garden

14.   Wine Expressions Cabernet Candle

Lovely candle infused with Cabernet scent great for office and home.

Wine Expressions Cabernet Candle. Bosses Day gift ideas.
Acadian Candle Co. Expressions Cabernet Candle

15.   Moss Balls Glass Aquarium Kit

Bring dull workspace into life with this little live plant. See the moss ball grows slowly over time. Easy to take care of, just change the water once every few weeks.

Moss Balls Glass Aquarium Kit. Office decor. Boss Day gifts.
Moss Balls Glass Aquarium Kit

Others Boss’s Day Gifts

16.   Portable USB Power Bank

Give your boss an extra boost of power. Powerful portable power bank with a large capacity of 10,000 mAh. Dual USB output to charge two devices simultaneously. Compact and light.

Portable USB Power Bank. Boss Day gifts.
Portable USB Power Bank

17.   ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones

An elegant gift for boss. A tray of beautifully handcrafted stones for men who love to drink. Six unique granite stones to chill spirits fast without watering down your drinks.

ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones. Bosses Day gifts for men.
ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones

18.   Gardiners of Scotland Whiskey Fudge

Good food is another great Bosses Day gift. This tin of quality whiskey fudge is an excellent choice. It is skillfully handcrafted by combining the lightly fragrant character of Tobermory Single Malt with a traditional fudge, made to an age-old Scottish recipe. Tastes smooth, flavorful, and amazingly delicious.

Gardiners of Scotland Whisky Fudge. Bosses Day gifts ideas.
Gardiners of Scotland Whiskey Fudge

That concludes our list of 18 best Boss’s Day gifts. Thanks for reading.

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Boss Day Gift Ideas for Men and Women
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