Discover appreciation gift ideas that actually work. These little gifts are cheap but effective ways to say thanks to your female boss without making it look like bribery. These ideas are perfect for Boss Day, Christmas, birthday, and even farewell — you can also use these gifts to say goodbye.

Gift buying for bosses can be difficult. You have to know their personality to get the right gift. Be conservative with the gifts if they are the serious type. Gift buying for female bosses, well, it could be even more difficult.

Run out of idea on what to buy for your female boss? Wanna get her something impressive and memorable? When it comes to finding the right gift, we are always ready to help. We have selected some of the best gift ideas for bosses that are guaranteed to earn you some impression points.

Below is the list of 20 special gift ideas for female boss, ranging from more formal and professional gifts to less formal but fun gifts. Check it out!

Gift Ideas for Female Boss
Gift Ideas for Female Boss – Image

Best Gifts for Female Boss

Time is the most precious commodity. Let’s jump right in!

1. Small Plant

Make office environment livelier. You can get your boss something green and small to put on her desk.

1a. Japanese Bonsai Plant

This bonsai with a miniature fisherman is unique, it creates the illusion of an aged Juniper tree in nature. Comes with a fisherman fishing by the tree, it creates great relaxing scenery at work desk. It can be easily trained into different styles.

Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai
Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

1b. Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement

Lucky Bamboo represents wealth in feng shui and it is believed to bring good fortunes. This plant grows in water and can last for years. A lovely and artistic view for the office.

Live Spiral 3 Style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement with Ceramic Vase - Gift Ideas for Female Boss
Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement with Ceramic Vase

1c. Air Plant

The perfect decorative plant for home or office. The presence of this air plant instantly brightens up its surrounding, making the atmosphere greener. This plant requires minimum care so your boss can get the most out of it with minimum input.

Hinterland Air Plant
Air Plant in Teardrop Terrarium

2. Business Portfolio

An executive gift that looks glamorous in pink. This business portfolio features 8 pockets to hold business card, 2 large pockets for documents, 2 pen holders and paper pads. It also has a snap closure to keep content secure.

Good quality, easy organization, adorable in pink.

Rolodex Pink Ribbon Pad Folio
Rolodex Pink Ribbon Pad Folio

3. Thought Motivational Box Sign

Beautiful box sign to bring positive energy to your female boss. It is made of high-quality wood and painted in a distressed style. It reads “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”.

Positive Thought Box Sign by Primitives by Kathy
Primitives by Kathy Positive Thought Box Sign

4. Bamboo Desk Organizer 

For the environmentally conscious boss. This desktop organizer is crafted from bamboo and it has less environmental impact. Features one deep drawer and 8 compartments in different sizes to fit notepads, paper clips, pens, and file folders.

Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer
Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer

5. The Butt Station

Add some fun to her desk with this blue guy. It works as a pen holder, tape dispenser, and paper clip magnet. The toilet bowl can be used to store paper clips and the back can hold more pens, pencils, and a notepad. Hilarious and attention-getting.

The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder
The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder

6. Don’t Just Fly, Soar Wall Art

Wall art with an inspirational quote. “Don’t just fly, soar”. Featuring black starry background. It looks uplifting.

Dont Just Fly, Soar Wall Art
Don’t Just Fly, Soar Wall Art

7. Office Sweet Office Gold Foil Wall Art

Beautify the workspace. A gold foil art decor that reads “office sweet office”. Perfect office decor for your female boss.

Office Sweet Office Gold Foil Wall Art
Office Sweet Office

8. This is Probably Wine Gold Travel Mug

A sassy travel mug for her. This tumbler is insulated to keep coffee warm for hours. Features a fun handwritten statement with a gold screw on lid.

This is Probably Wine Gold Travel Mug
Sassy Travel Mug

9. Moon Deer Ceramic Tea Mug with Infuser

Kick-start a new day with a cup of warm beverage. Get this beautiful mug with lid to keep her coffee/ tea warm while she works. The color and texture of this mug are beautiful and the handle is comfortable to hold.

10. You Are An Amazing Woman Mug by Abbey Press

This well-made mug comes with a coaster that can be used as a lid. It has nice inspirational quotes on it. Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Make a meaningful gift.

You Are An Amazing Woman Green Ceramic Mug by Abbey Press
You Are An Amazing Woman Mug

11. Local Woman Named Best Boss of the Year Mug

Yes, your female boss is the best boss. She is even featured in a local press as “Best boss of the year”.

This mug makes a great recognition gift for lady bosses.

Local Woman Named Best Boss of the Year Mug
Best Boss of the Year Newspaper Mug

12. Country Style Teapot Oil Warmer

This is a lovely oil warmer that female boss will like. Made of blue ceramic. It looks elegant and cute in any room. Enjoy tranquility with the help of the scented oil of your choosing.

13. Assorted Flavored Teas

If she is a tea lover, then assorted teas are nice. The Republic Of Tea Get Clean Tea is recommended by many for its great taste and soothing properties. Consists of 3 different flavors. Contains herbs that are good for detox and building reserved energy while helping the body manage stress.

The Republic Of Tea Get Clean Stackable Tea Set
The Republic Of Tea Get Clean Stackable Tea Set

14. Miniature File Cabinet

This three-drawer miniature cabinet is perfect for filing business cards.  It includes A-Z card index and can store up to 100 business cards. It is also great for organizing receipts and other small papers.

15. Leather Business Card Holder

This elegant black case is another great gift for female boss. It is made with premium PU leather with built-in magnetic strip closure. It has a large capacity to hold up to 30 pieces of business cards.

16. Boss Lady Motivational Pen Set

Set of three chic pens perfect for the boss. Pretty colors, cute quotes. She will definitely love them!

Boss Lady Motivational Pen Set
Boss Lady Pen Set

17. Apple Post-it Notes Dispenser

Cute little apple shaped office supply that looks nice and useful. It is heavy enough and doesn’t fall over. Easy one-hand dispensing. It comes with one yellow sticky notepad. It can be refilled and used as a paperweight.

Apple Shaped Post-it Pop-up Notes Dispenser - Gift Ideas for Female Boss
Apple Post-it Notes Dispenser

18. Black Purse Notes Dispenser

Another design with alternating colored sticky notes that ladies would love it!

Black Purse Post-it Pop-up Notes Dispenser
Black Purse Post-it Pop-up Notes Dispenser

19. Strong Girl Bag

Multipurpose tote bag that she can use for carrying folders, books, groceries, and more. Retro design with a catchy girl power quote.  It reads “Wink at challenges. I am a strong girl.”

Strong Girl Bag
I Am a Strong Girl Bag

20. Gift Card

A gift card is among the top most wanted gift by women. Bookstore gift card, spa gift card, department store gift card and restaurant gift card works just great. Below are some of our recommended gift cards and the reasons why we chose them.

Starbucks Gift Card – Help her to start her day right with a flavorful cup of Starbucks coffee. A happy day for the boss means a happy day for the underlings.

Starbucks Gift Card
Starbucks Gift Card

Subway Gift Card – Get delicious and healthy Subway sandwiches.

Subway Gift Card
Subway Gift Card

Panera Bread Gift Card – Enjoy delicious and aromatic bread fresh from Panera Bread’s oven.

Panera Bread Gift Card
Panera Bread Gift Card

And there you have it: 20 gift ideas for female boss that will score you some points. Share this gift guide with your friends and family.

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