We have brought together a list of 13 most cool, hip and cute Halloween costumes for tween girls. These costumes are creative, colorful and fun to wear. They have awesome details and amazing colors loved by pre-teens. Girls, let’s dress up and transform into the character that you always wanted to be and make this Halloween a frightfully delightful night.

Scroll down to discover 13 best Halloween costumes for tween girls.


Halloween Costumes Ideas For Tweens


1.   Nintendo Super Mario 

Transform into Mario and enter the world of video games. Wear the plumber jumpsuit, glove, and hat. Then, sets out on a quest to save the princess and free the Mushroom Kingdom.

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This Mario costume has rich colors that make you look outstanding in the crowd. It is made of stretchy fabric for a fitted jumpsuit look. It is one of the cutest Halloween costumes for tweens.

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Mario Tween Costume
Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Mario Tween Costume

2.   Charms Blow Pop 

Hey there, I am a giant candy jump out from the trick-or-treat bucket. I am sweet, I am cute, I am here to party with you.

Charms Blow Pop 
Charms Blow Pop

3.   Homecoming Horror Queen

This girl is killed after winning the homecoming queen title. Somebody stabbed her in the head. She is wearing a shiny blue gown with a sash that reads “Drop Dead Gorgeous”. She will come to crash any party on Halloween night.

Homecoming Horror Queen Costume

4.   Mischief Monster

This monster costume is another amazing Halloween costume for tweens. It is so fluffy and so pink. Girls will go crazy over it!

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Mischief Monster Costume
Mischief Monster

5.   Mysterious Mermaid

Dress up as a magical sea creature who can sing beautifully and swim freely in the ocean. Be a lovely mermaid who catches the attention of the world.

If you are dreaming of becoming a mermaid, you will love this gorgeous mermaid costume. It is made of good quality fabric with mesmerizing blue hue. It also has pretty details to make you look wonderful.

Mysterious Mermaid Costume
Mysterious Mermaid

6.   Monster Bride 

For tweens who love black. Transform into the monster bride who looks cool, scary and beautiful at the same time. Black and white outfit featuring stitch pattern top, tutu skirt, glovelets, patterned footless tights and veil.

Monster Bride Costume
Monster Bride

7.   Cool Cat

Meow! Let’s become the hippest kitty in the town this Halloween. Features black and neon green tutu dress, footless tights, cat ears headband, furry tail and boot covers. It looks awesome on tweens.

Cool Cat
Cool Cat

8.   Narwhal

Turn into an adorable narwhal with this onesie. It is soft and plushy. Keep you warm and looking cute all night.

Also available in pink, purple and light blue.


9.   Justice League Wonder Woman 

Be a superhero from the Justice League, be the powerful Wonder Woman who fights against villains. Wear the cute dress, red cape, gauntlets, and gold tiara. You are ready to rescue the world.

Justice League Wonder Woman Costume
Justice League Wonder Woman

10.   Flower Fairy

If your tween girl wants to be a fairy this year, this flower fairy costume is perfect for her. This sweet little fairy is from the secret garden full of mysterious flowers. She is wearing a forest green dress made of leaves and flowers. She has wings to fly around the garden.

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Flower Fairy Tween Costume
Flower Fairy

11.   Alice

Transform into the classic character of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Go down the rabbit hole, enter the Wonderland and create a world of your own this Halloween.

Alice in The Wonderland Costume
Alice in The Wonderland Costume

12.   Neon Skeleton Halloween Costume

This funky punky skeleton is here to fill the night with colors. She looks vibrant and fun.

Neon Skeleton Halloween Costume
Neon Skeleton Halloween Costume

13.   M&M’s Chocolate 

Simple, colorful and fun Halloween costume for tween girls. This bright colored tank dress makes you look like a M&M’s chocolate. Get two other friends to wear together, and form a milk chocolate trio.

M&M's Chocolate
M&M’s Chocolate
A pack of M&Ms chocolate
M&Ms chocolate group costume for girls

That concludes our list of 13 Halloween costumes for tween girls. Thanks for reading and have a happy Halloween!

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Halloween costumes ideas for tweens
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