We have handpicked a collection of 7 awesome Halloween Costumes for Tween Girls aged from 9-14. Based on a variety of themes, pre-teens can opt for different style that they love this Halloween. From ghastly scary look, sweet and cute look, to cool and hip. These costume ideas are perfect for tweens to dress up and be extra cool.

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Halloween Costumes for 9-14 Year Old Girls

1. Gothic Doll

Hey girls, let’s start with the first costume idea — we can turn into a cute doll with some twist in characteristics. This is a doll from the dark side, wearing a black velvet dress with a hood. She is hiding her evilness behind the spooky mask, and ready to cast a spell to the world.

Gothic Doll
Gothic Doll

2. Teenage Ninja

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Tween girls can also be an agile ninja. Put on the hooded black tunic with a majestic dragon in gold. Sneak through the darkness of night and go on for your mission. Slay! Slay! Slay!

Teenage Ninja
Teenage Ninja

3. Full Moon Sass Werewolf 

Another cute costume for tweens. A werewolf with soft fur that looks super adorable. This outfit is easy to wear and it can keep you warm this fall.

4. Strawberry Shortcake 

Sweet-looking costume fits for pre-teens. Lovely colors, comfortable, and not showing much skin. Price under $15.

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake

5. Peacock

Another wonderful look to create. Be a stunning peacock that stands out in the Halloween crowd. She is chic, beautiful and elegant. Spread open your colorful feathers and walk in poise!

6. Zombie Prom Queen

Teen zombie dying to win the title of prom queen. Wearing a tattered pink and gray dress with gauze detailing. She looks lifeless and scary, yet pretty.

Zombie Prom Queen
Zombie Prom Queen

7. Crayola

Inexpensive outfit for pre-teen girls. Simple and vibrant tank dress that makes you look like a crayon. It would be fun if girls can wear different colors and team up with friends as rainbow crayons.

Also available in pink, green, blue and black.

Halloween costumes for tween girls
Colorful Crayola Costumes

That’s the list of 7 Halloween Costumes for Tween Girls. Thanks for reading!

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Halloween costumes for tween girls
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