If you want to have an awesome pool party and add more laughter to your summer, you don’t wanna miss out on these big and funny pool floats. These quirky inflatables are a little inappropriate, a little obnoxious, and definitely eye-catching.

A little sense of humor is what you need to make your summer more exciting. Make a splash with these insta-worthy, cute pool floats and rafts specially picked for adults who need a little more fun.

Let’s take a look at our collection of 20 funny pool floats for adults.


Funny Inflatable Pool Floats for Grown-Ups

1. Sloth Meditation Pool Float

First off, let’s float on this giant sloth. Because pool, lake, and beach make us adults feel so relaxed.

Purple Sloth Pool Float
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2. Golden Toilet Pool Float

If you don’t mind the dirty looks people would give when you step into the pool, use this golden toilet inflatable float. Flush away all the worries and say hello to summer!

Funny adult toilet pool float
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3. Narwhal Raft Lounge

You don’t want to miss having this cute swimming companion this summer. Feel the magic of sea unicorn when you relax in the pool. A must-have for narwhal lovers.

Pink Narwhal Adult Float
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4. Vintage Malibu Style Barbie Inflatable Golf Cart

If your are a grown-up girl who loves Barbie and pink aesthetic. You will love this super cool pink car pool float designed for adults. What’s more fun than inviting your girlfriends to join a pool party? Let’s have fun splashing and posing with this golf cart float!

Barbie Luxury Inflatable Golf Cart Summer Pool Float
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5. Flying Pig Pool Float

Because this pink piggy is super cute and it has wings!

Pink Pig Pool Float
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6. Fun Ski Luxury Inflatable Raft for Adults

Because we don’t want to be lame grown-ups. We want to level up our pool party by adding a jet ski. Have a fun ride, make a splash, and take tons of great pictures.

Fun Ski Float Raft
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7. Llama Giant Beach Floaties

Fiesta like there’s no manana. This yellow llama has no prob-llama to make you feel llamazing this summer!

(And, you might want to check out this article for llama lovers.)

Llama Inflatables
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8. Inflat-A-Bull Pool Float

Ladies and gentlemen, we are bringing out the rodeo bull. Be prepared to ride on the waves and have lots of fun.

Ride a bull in the pool
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9. Retro Phone Inflatable Pool Lounger

Ring, ring, hello! Who’s joining me to float back to the 90’s?

Retro Phone Pool Raft
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10. Margarita Ring Pool Inflatable

Come on, babe. Boost up your pool game with margarita on margarita. Sip your favorite margarita on a margarita float.

This margarita tube is equipped with a lime wedge backrest and a cup holder.

Enjoy Margarita in the pool
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11. Hotdog Battle Pool Float

Even the grown-ups will enjoy a hot dog war in the pool.

Hotdog Battle Float for Adults
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12. BigMouth Whoopee Cushion Funny Pool Float

Super-sized whoopee cushion — a funny pool float for adults to make a “blast” in the pool.

Whoopee Cushion Pool Float
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13. Dachshund Wiener Dog Pool Lounger 

Your inflatable buddy will keep you afloat while you are enjoying the sun.

Dachshund Wiener Dog Lounger Pool Float
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13. Shrimp Sushi Inflatable Pool Float

A sushi lover? Find your soymate, and get rolling comfortably in this sushi pool float.

Shrimp Sushi Inflatable Pool Float
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15. Bendy Straw Pool Float

If you are so thirsty that you need to drink up the whole pool of water.

Giant Inflatable Bendy Straw
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16. Luscious Lip Float 

If beautiful, big pout is your thing, get this glittery lip to float in style.

Sexy Lips Floats
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17. BigMouth Purple Jellyfish Pool Float

If you love sea creatures, this pretty jellyfish float will make you happy. It is large and sturdy to keep you bobbing to the rhythm of the waves.

Jellyfish Pool Float
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18. Llama Pool Float for Adults

Because this llama looks so funny and cute you want to ride it all summer long.

Llama Pool Float
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19. Giant Balloon Animal Pool Float

Take this oversized balloon dog to the lake with you. It will surely become a big hit.

Balloon Animal Pool Float
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20. Inflatable Rainbow Pool Float with Glitter 

Well, this rainbow pool float may not be that funny but it sure will bring you lots of joy this summer.

Giant Inflatable Rainbow Pool Float with Glitter
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21. Starfish Inflatable Float

Because walking around in this starfish float looks so ridiculous it will make your friends laugh.

Starfish Inflatable Float
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That concludes our list of funny pool floats for adults. If you need more fun beach accessories, check out the articles below.

Funny Pool Floats for Adults
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