In many cultures, the bear represents strength, leadership, and courage. This symbolism applies to basically all types of bears, grizzly, black, brown, polar bear etc. Other bears such as the panda, Winnie the Pooh, and teddy bear demonstrates their strength through empathy & gentleness, and courage through persevering in the face of difficulties. And of course, bears are cute (just don’t get too close to a real bear)!

Anyway, if you’re looking for some cute bear jewelry to wear, here are some cute bear necklaces that are reasonably priced. They are the perfect gift for bear lovers.

10 Bear Necklaces - Find Your Bear Necklace Here

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1. Turquoise Bear Necklace

An exquisite bear pendant necklace for women. It is beautifully crafted with natural gemstones that come in exciting colors and textures. This turquoise necklace looks awesome with its unique Southwest flair.

Turquoise Bear Pendant Necklace
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2. Alberoo Pearl Bear Necklace

A cute bear pendant that is simple, lovely, and elegant. It is finely crafted with shiny cubic zirconia and a lustrous pearl. Perfect for both women and little girls.

Pearl Bear Necklace
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3. Swarovski Crystal Teddy Bear Necklace

This is a sparkly teddy bear necklace for every girlie girl. It is made of many tiny crystals in different colors and it has a bigger rose red Swarovski crystal as its body. This bear has adorable details, and its arms and legs are freely movable. It shines brilliantly from every angle. A cheery piece of bear jewelry for adults and kids.

Swarovski Crystal Teddy Bear Necklace
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4. Rosa Vila Origami Mama Bear Necklace

A gold mama bear necklace designed in creative origami style. It looks modern and stylish. Perfect for the new mom or mom-to-be in your life.

Origami Gold Mama Bear Necklace
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5. 18K Gold Teddy Bear Necklace Set

Three gold teddy bears to make us happy. They are cute and dainty. Suitable for girls of all ages.

Gold Teddy Bear Necklace
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6. Quan Jewelry Mother-Daughter Bear Necklaces

This pair of matching bear necklaces are perfect for the mama bear and her daughter bear. They come attached to a greeting card with mother-daughter quotes.

Sentimental Daughter & Mama Bear Pendant Necklace
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7. Barch Blue Abalone Paua Shell Mama Polar Bear Necklace

This is a very pretty necklace for the mama bear in your life. The reflective colors of the abalone shell are simply stunning.

Paua Shell Polar Bear Necklace 
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8. xicoh Viking Bear Paw Necklace

Both men and women will love this tribal-inspired bear claw necklace. It has a nice weight and an extremely cool look.

xicoh Viking Scandinavian Bear Paw Necklace
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9. Shag Wear Spirit Bear Necklace

A bear-shaped pendant necklace for bear lovers. Its simple design matches any outfit.

Spirit Bear Necklace
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10. PLATO H Teddy Bear Necklace 

This crystal bear pendant necklace perfect for the sweet little girl in your life. This teddy bear has a pink heart made of Swarovski crystal and its legs are movable. It is definitely a gorgeous piece that girls will adore. You can absolutely wear this necklace as part of your everyday outfit, but it is especially awesome to wear on a date night.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Bear Necklace
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So did you find a necklace that works for you? Who are you shopping these bear necklaces for? By the way, you might also be interested in these cute cat necklaces.

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