Need some ideas on what to get for friends who are moving away? Read here for our recommendations of unique bye-bye gifts for your pals.

The ideas in the list below are nice, sweet, and sentimental. Your friend is gonna adore it and it will remind him/ her of the friendship between you. Friendship never ends even when friends are moving away to other places. The ideas here are also excellent farewell gifts for coworkers who are leaving for greener pasture.

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Say goodbye to BFF who is moving away

Going Away Farewell Gifts for Friends

1. Best Friends Never Apart Picture Frame

Photos of wonderful times spent together make one of the most meaningful gifts for best friends moving away. You can print out the most memorable picture of you and your friend and insert it into a picture frame. This pink picture frame looks nice. It is perfect for keeping happy memories of besties.

Engraved Friends Picture Frame
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2. Friendship Sentiment Mug

This mug will remind her of the your friendship. It is a small and unforgettable farewell gift for friends moving away. Your BFF will love its lovely floral design and the beautiful quote that reads “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way”.

The Best Things in Life Mug
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3. Love is All Tote Bag

Saying goodbye can be heartbreaking. So why not pack a lot of love for your girlfriend who is going away? Hopefully, your friendship will stay strong as ever even though there is miles between you.

Heart Pattern Tote Bag
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4. Passport Case Travelling Set

For friends moving a thousand miles away. This set of passport case and luggage tag will be useful. They are slim and chic. The perfect travel essentials for storing your passport and additional travel documents.

Dayna Lee Passport Cover Holder And Luggage Tag Set
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5. Friendship Bracelet

You can also get a pair of matching friendship bracelet set as a goodbye gift. One of yourself and one for her to serve as your friendship reminder.

6. A unique book to make your friend smile

Charming little quote book for friends. This book contains a fantastic collection of quotes from great original minds like Marie Curie, Joan of Arc, Stephen King, Oscar Wilde and more. Brilliantly hand-lettered by beloved indie artist Lisa Congdon, this book has many excellent quotes and amazing artwork.

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: 100 Inspirational Quotations
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7. Pocket Hug Token

A small gift to send your friend off – give her a hug wherever she goes. You can’t be there to comfort her anymore, but you can always give a spiritual support. This gift is small in size but it shows a great care. Your best friend will definitely appreciate this.

Cute little token to give hugs
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8. A Watch

Last but not least, the old way to bid goodbye is gifting a watch. It has the meaning of watch the time till we meet again. We recommend this gorgeous watch by Timex. Gold-tone case, classic round dial, polka dotted nylon straps. This watch looks chic, fun, and stylish.

Timex Weekender Gold-Tone Watch
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9. Good Friends Box Sign

This is a perfect gift for friends who are living far away. The friendship quote is meaningful and beautiful. It is made of good quality wood and painted in a distressed style.

Friendship Decor Sign
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10. Lilly Pulitzer Writing Supplies

If your friend is traveling by flight, something light is more practical. This set of three pretty pens will be useful to her. She can use it to write, doodle and jot down important stuff.

Lilly Pulitzer Colored Pen Set
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11. Stress-Relieving Adult Coloring Book

Help her to relax and reduce stress in the future. This book contains detailed and funny illustrations for people to color the stresses away.

Go F*ck Yourself, I'm Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book
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12. True Friends Circle Necklace

A sentimental gift for a friend who is moving away. Features a interlocking circles pendant and simple silver chain. This necklace comes attached on a keepsake card with a touching long distance friendship message.

Friendship Necklace
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13. Organizer/ Planner

Help your friend to plan ahead and get organized with her life in a new place.

Brilliant Updated Planner
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14. Cute Socks

Socks are inexpensive and functional. Pick the ones with fun and unique design.

For her who is a yoga lover
For her who is a yoga lover

15. Willow Tree My Friend Figurine

This lovely figurine will touch her heart. It is carefully hand-crafted to depict the strong bond between best friends. The body gestures and expressions are pure and sweet. It makes one of the best sentimental gifts for female friends moving away.

Friendship Figure Decoration
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That’s all for the farewell token of friendship handpicked by Vivid’s Gift Ideas. Thanks for reading.

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