In this Eternity Rose review, find out what you should expect from this luxurious 24k gold-dipped rose. I’ll also be sharing the unboxing process and my cat’s reaction to this item. As stated above, the product is provided by Eternity Rose.

People love flowers. For the longest time, women and men received flowers on special occasions. Rose, for particular, is among the most admired flowers. It is the symbol of love, passion, and appreciation.

Product sponsored by Eternity Rose.

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We have always adored fresh flowers but they will wilt and die in a couple of days. Then, we have to throw them away. This feels kind of sad, right?

With the creation of Eternity Rose, now we can enjoy the beauty of a rose for as long as we want. It is a real rose preserved to last forever.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review
The Eternity Rose

Unboxing the Eternity Rose

The rose arrived on a sunny afternoon and we can’t wait to unbox it. (We means me and my cat). Kitty gets the box, I get the rose. 🙂

The rose came in a box that is securely wrapped. Upon opening the box, there is another white box inside. The white box is finely embossed with the logo of Eternity Rose.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review
If it fits, I sits. Purr-fect size!
vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review

While my cat is enjoying sitting in the box, I moved on to open the white box.

It contains a stylish display case with the rose inside. The case is made of PU leather and velvet lining. It is solid and heavy, giving me a very good impression.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review

Let’s open the leather case.

Ta-da, a gorgeous red rose that shines brilliantly.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review

It comes with a two-sided authenticity certificate.

vivid gift ideas- eternity rose review
Natural rose glazed and dipped in pure 24K gold

The other side reads “The rose has long been a symbol of love and beauty. It is to the flower world, what gold represents in the realm of precious metals. These two timeless symbols of richness and beauty have been perfectly combined in The Eternity Rose. Your rose has been carefully selected, and preserved at its peak of beauty. It is guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond.”

About Eternity Rose

Eternity rose is made from real roses grown in this company’s very own nursery. They are tended by skilled horticulturalists who take care of the growing process and grow only the most beautiful roses. The roses are vigilantly watched and as they begin to open. Once they reach the perfect stage of bloom, they are then handpicked and immediately begins the preservation process.

The first step of the preservation process is to apply a clear coating on the flower so that it can hold its shape for the electroplating process. Then, it is electroplated with layers of pure copper followed by layers of nickel. The nickel provides some structural strength to the final product so it won’t break easily. Each petal and leaf is hand glazed with proprietary polymer lacquer blend. After that, it moves to the final step of embossing with the pure 24 karat gold.

The whole process takes around three months. Extremely thin layers of precious metals are plated carefully and inspected for its quality at each level. The complex process ensures the flower comes out looking brilliant and lustrous.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review

The size is about 12”.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review

The shape of the petals, leaves and stem are natural. It is lightweight. You can touch and feel that there is a real rose underneath.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review

The gold trim at the edges of the petals and leaves have strong reflective sparkle. I love every delicate detail of the rose. It looks flawless from every angle.

vivid gift ideas - eternity rose review

A Wonderful Gift for All Occasions

Every Eternity Rose is beautifully packaged, presented in its own handsome leather case. The combination of the queen of flowers and shiny gold into a single unique artwork makes it an ideal gift to celebrate the special days.

It is perfect for wedding anniversary, graduation, birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

The roses are available in 18 pretty colors. Go to their website now to see more!

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