Get unique gifts to celebrate Grandparents Day with your grandpa and grandma. National Grandparents Day is on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day. This year, this special day falls on September 10th. Have you thought of what gift to get for your grandpa and grandma? If you’re still undecided, why not take a look at our gift guide below. Let’s scroll down to discover 22 meaningful and cute grandparents gifts.

Cute Gifts for Grandma

1.   TGIF Grandma Wooden Sign

Make grandma feels proud with this unique sign. Painted in distressed style with a sweet statement. Perfect to hang on the wall or freestand on a desk.

This Grandma is Fabulous Wooden Sign. Funny grandma quotes. Gifts for grandma. Grandparents Day gift ideas.
This Grandma is Fabulous Wooden Sign

2.   Living Fabulously Ever After Trinket Dish

This Grandparents Day, you can also get this ceramic trinket dish for your grandma. Lovely floral design, cute quote. It reads “I plan on living fabulously ever after”.

Living Fabulously Ever After Trinket Dish. Gifts for grandma.
Living Fabulously Ever After Trinket Dish

3.   T-Rex Yarn Knitting Bowl

Free Music Album - One With Nature

For grandma who loves to knit. This yarn bowl is so cute that it will definitely become grandma’s new favorite.

T-Rex Yarn Knitting Bowl. Funny gifts for grandma. Grandparents Day gift ideas
T-Rex Yarn Knitting Bowl

4.   Scentiments Grandma Gift Candle

Fill her room with a warm glow and pleasing aroma. This 100% soy wax candle in mason jar is another great gift for grandma you can get this Grandparent’s Day.

Scentiments Grandma Gift Candle
Scentiments Grandma Gift Candle

Cool Gifts for Grandpa

5.   The Grillfather Apron

A fantastic gift for grandpa who loves grilling. This 100% cotton apron is cool-looking and fun. It has funny graphic with eye-catching statement. Grandpa will definitely love it!

The Grillfather Apron. Funny grandpa gifts.
The Grillfather Apron

6.   Grandpa Globe Ceramic Mug

Express your love to grandpa with this stylish globe themed mug. Vintage hues coupled with an inspirational sentiment to tell grandpa that he means “the world” to you.

Grandpa Globe Ceramic Mug. Grandpa gifts.
Grandpa Globe Ceramic Mug

Fashion and Accessories for Grandma

7.   Dogeared The Balance Mandala Necklace

She will love this gorgeous necklace with mandala pendant. The gold-tone mandala is well-crafted. It has beautiful details of circular layers to calm your mind.

This necklace comes with a delicate gold chain. It is an awesome gift for grandma.

Dogeared The Balance Mandala Necklace. Grandparents Day gifts for grandma.
Dogeared The Balance Mandala Necklace

8.   Lark & Ro Women’s Flutter Sleeve Top 

Pretty blouse with ruffled cuffs. Floral design, colorful. Matches well with jeans, solid color pants or skirt.

Lark & Ro Women's Flutter Sleeve Top
Lark & Ro Women’s Flutter Sleeve Top

Electronics for Grandparents

9.   Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer

For grandparents to print out photos and hang on the wall. Portable photo printer that is fun and easy to use. By popular brand, Polaroid. This printer prints directly from your mobile phone. An awesome Grandparents Day gift!

Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer
Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer

Men’s Grooming and Other Stuff for Grandpa

10.   Gold Men’s Grooming Kit

Awesome 8-in-1 shaving kit for men. Powerful, cordless, waterproof. Includes a full-size hair trimmer, foil shaver, facial precision trimmer, nose/ear hair clippers, guide combs and more.

Gold Men's Grooming Kit. Grandparents Day gifts for grandpa.
Gold Men’s Grooming Kit

11.   Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Grandpa will appreciate this box of eight handsome chilling stones made from solid granite. Chill your drinks fast and stay cold for long. No more watering down your whiskey, wine or beer. One of the best gifts for grandpa.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set
Whiskey Stones Gift Set

12.   Hooded Fleece Robe

Good-quality robe for him to lounge comfortably at home. It looks stylish and feels incredibly soft.

Men's Hooded Fleece Robe by John Christian 
Men’s Hooded Fleece Robe by John Christian

Useful Stuff For Grandparents Home

13.   Fox Mat

Bring this little fox to your grandparents this Grandparents Day. It looks adorable curling and sleeping on the front porch. Made from natural coir fibers with slip resistant feature. Perfect to add a little cuteness to any home.

Fox Mat
Fox Mat

14.   Off the Beaten Path Coffee Table Book

Explore the United States’ most overlooked must- see destinations. With this book, grandparents can plan their next vacations to many amazing sites within an hour or two from home. A wonderful book with well-written info, detailed routes, and colorful pictures.

Off the Beaten Path
Off the Beaten Path

15.   Hand Held Massager

Make muscle pain and stiffness go away with this cordless massager. Easy to hold, comfortable. It comes with three different heads for a deep tissue massage on the different area of your body.  Relieve stress, pain and muscle tension anytime, anywhere.

Hand Held Massager
Hand Held Massager

16.   Glasses Holder

This unique glasses holder is useful for your grandparents. It is crafted beautifully using Chesham wood. Stand proud and sturdy at any room. 

Glasses Holder
Glasses Holder

17.   Morris Donkey Memo Stand

A small gift for grandparents from grandchildren. Little donkey note holder. Cute and fun.

Morris Donkey Memo Stand
Morris Donkey Memo Stand

18.   Zen Artist Board

For grandparents to kill time. A wonderful painting board that can be re-use over and over again. Paint with water and watch the artwork slowly evaporates and disappears. Helps relaxing mind and expressing yourself to find inner peace.

Zen Artist Board
Zen Artist Board

19.   Letter Holder Rack Organizer 

This metal organizer is great for the entryway or kitchen. Features a mail basket with 6 hooks and a dry-erase board for writing messages. Functional and convenient. 

Letter Holder Rack Organizer
Letter Holder Rack Organizer

20.   Paddywax Candles Boheme Collection 

Home fragrance to make the room cozier. Boho style ceramic bowl to beautify the space, botanically inspired fragrance to make the room smells wonderful.

Paddywax Candles Boheme Collection
Paddywax Candles Boheme Collection

21.   Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board

Beautiful bamboo cutting board perfect for food prep, serving and entertaining. Different state design to show your state pride. Makes a great Grandparents Day gift.

Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board
Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board

22.   Smittens Mittens for Couples

Cozy Smittens for two. Let your grandparents hold hands inside the mitten. Be the loveydovey couple when going out for a walk.

Smittens Mittens for Couples
Smittens Mittens for Couples

That’s the list of 22 best Grandparents Day gifts for grandparents. Thanks for reading.

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