There is a special teenage girl in your life whose birthday is coming up. Let’s see what are the most-wanted birthday gifts in teenagers’ wishlist. Our gift guide here brought together 24 cool and trendy gifts loved by teen girls.


Awesome Birthday Gifts For Teenage Girls

1. For the Girl to Make a Birthday Wish

Wish the girl a happy birthday with this darling charm bracelet. Featuring a gold-dipped four-leaf clover on an adjustable cord, the bracelet symbolizes luck and happiness. Make a big wish, wear this Make a Birthday Wish Bracelet and feel the good luck it brings.

Make a Birthday Wish Bracelet
Birthday Wish Clover Bracelet

2. Pretty School Supplies for the High Schoolers

If you are looking for an inexpensive birthday gift, you can always get cute school supplies. This rose gold love shaped paper clip looks very pretty on the notes or papers. It has a practical design and strong clipping force suitable for school use.

Love Paper Clips
Love Paper Clip

3. Funny Statement Mug to Make Your Girl Laugh

Okay, this is an unconventional mug for girls but this mug kind of reminds us of the expressive teens who always show their bold attitude. They are being rude sometimes but they are just expressing their true self. An honest bunny who guarantee to make your teen chuckle every time she uses the mug.

I Do What I Want Funny Bunny Mug
BodhiPaw I Do What I Want Funny Bunny Mug

4. Inexpensive Birthday Gift for Her who Loves Coloring

Life at her age can be hard. Give her A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book to color away the stresses. Witty and hilarious illustrations inside.

A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book: Mandalas? Meh.
A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book: Mandalas? Meh.

5. Fashion Accessories for Teens

Give her good vibes only on her birthday and any other days she wears this necklace. Features a beautiful sun pendant on a dainty gold chain. Dogeared Good Vibes Only Pendant Necklace looks stylish and it is loaded with positive energy. It makes a meaningful birthday gift for teenage girls.

Dogeared Good Vibes Only Pendant Necklace
Dogeared Good Vibes Only Pendant Necklace

6. Skincare for Teenagers

Girls need affordable and good skincare. She can apply TONYMOLY I’m Real Mask Sheet for a clear, healthy-looking skin. These masks are enriched with different essences for different types of skin. They keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask Sheet
TONYMOLY I’m Real Mask Sheet

7. Cute Drinkware for Birthday Girl Deluxe Sip Sip Tumbler for her to enjoy her favorite drink in style. Stunning minimalist design. Features an inspiring gold foil statement, gold metallic electroplated lid, and a soft silicone straw. Deluxe Sip Sip Tumbler
You are gold, baby. Solid gold.

Birthday Gift Ideas for the Techie Girls

8. Good Headphones for the Music Lovers

A cool-looking headphones with good sound quality is a must-have tech gadget for teenagers. You can get this glittering unicorn headphones for her birthday. Awesome design, amazing sound. She will love it for sure!

Crystal Unicorn Headphones
American Jewel Unicorn Headphones

9. Selfie Stick – A Popular Gadget for the Instagrammer

Selfie stick is one of the best tech gifts for teens. This Sailor Moon Magic Wand Selfie Stick is coming to help users to take a nicer picture from a better angle. It is cute, lightweight and useful. The arm can be extended to 29.53inches long. It has 270 degrees rotating head, and can shift horizontally and vertically to shoot from multi-angle.

Sailor Moon Magic Wand Selfie Stick
Sailor Moon Magic Wand Selfie Stick
Sailor Moon Magic Wand Selfie Stick
Looking cute!

10. Instant Camera – Most Wanted Tech Gift for Teens

For her who loves taking photos of her everyday life. This popular Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera by Fujifilm makes one of the best birthday gifts. It is small, easy to use, and loved by many. Features automatic exposure measurement, a high-key mode that allows you to take pictures with a softer impression and a newly improved viewfinder for greater clarity and visibility. Just point, shoot and instantly print out a credit-card-size photo.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

11. PopSockets – A Cheap Gadget Every Modern Girl Needs

The techie girls definitely need this stylish phone accessory. Attach PopSockets to the back of the phone to expand the grip or use it as a stand for hands-free viewing. It lets you hold your phone more securely without losing grip. Also, it can be used as an earbud cord storage.


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Best Fashion Gifts for Teen’s Birthday

12. A Pair of Stylish Shoes for the Teen Fashionista

This PUMA Platform Fashion Sneaker is a cool kick that she will love. Classic style, lovely pink color, comfortable. It looks amazing with any casual outfit.

PUMA Platform Fashion Sneaker
PUMA Platform Fashion Sneaker

13. Beautiful Bathing Suits for the Beach Goers

You can also get a nice swimsuit. She will love this vintage-inspired bikini. It has removable padded bras and a runched-designed bottom that creates a slimmer effect. Looks amazing and non-sexy. Perfect for the teen girls.

Here are more pretty swimwears for teens.

Beachqueen Retro High Waisted Bathing Suits
BeachQueen Vintage High Waisted Bikini

14. Birthday Treat for the Girls who Love Makeup

She will also love Beauty Glazed Heart Shape Eyeshadow Palette. It has 15 chic heart-shaped eyeshadows infused with glitter. The colors are gorgeous and they are highly pigmented, smooth, and creamy.

See for more gift ideas for the beauty-obsessed girls.

Beauty Glazed Heart Shape Eyeshadow Palette
Beauty Glazed Heart Shape Eyeshadow Palette

15. Iron Hair Brush for Easy Hairstyling

No messy hair when you step out from the house. Curl or straighten your hair into beautiful styles in minutes. This styling tool heats up fast and super easy to use. It is compact and light; great for traveling.

Phoebe Mini Travel Curling Iron Hair Brush
Mini Curling Iron Hair Brush

16. Temporary Hair Chalk Comb for Her to Create Different Looks

For her to experiment with different hair colors. A box of 6 vibrant hair coloring chalk combs. Bright, vibrant, blendable colors. The colored chalks are attached in a comb so that you can easily dye your hair without unnecessary messiness.

Temporary Hair Chalk Comb
Maydear Temporary Hair Color Chalk

17. Denim Jacket – This Year Must-Have Fashion Item for Teens

A classic denim jacket is a must-have for teens. It is versatile and never goes out of style. She can wear it from summer to winter with any outfit for a more fashionable look.

Vintage Denim Jean Jacket
Vintage Denim Jean Jacket

18. Birthday Gift for a Cat Lover

You can also get this cat handbag for her birthday. It is mini and adorable. The purr-fect little bag to carry your wallet, phone, makeup, and other small stuff.

Also available in pink and blue.

Cat Shoulder Bag
Black Cat Shoulder Bag

18b. Daisy Floral Pattern Tote Bag – A versatile bag for everyday use

A cute tote bag that she can use as a book bag, beach bag, gym bag, shopping bag, and more.

Other Good Birthday Gifts for Teen Girls

19. Something to Motivate Your Teenager

You can also get unique school supplies as her birthday gift. Backpack, pencil, notebook are some of the good choices. We recommend this hardcover notebook featuring an inspiring beautifully written quote “She Never Gave Up” in gold embossed.

"She Never Gave UP" Notebook
“She Never Gave UP” Notebook

20. A Multipurpose Tote for the Strong Girls

Strong Girl Bag – a whimsy book bag that shows the girl power. Simple and cute design. It reads “Wink at challenges. I am a strong girl.”

Strong Girl Bag
Strong Girl Bag

21. File Folders to Keep Her Organized

File folders to keep her papers and school projects organized. Letter-sized, inspiring theme, embellished with gold foil.

Believe In Good Inspirations File Folders
Believe In Good Inspirations File Folders

22. Statement Tee for the Fashionable High School Girls

A fun statement tee that she will adore. It says “I kick ass. I don’t kiss it”.

Also available in white, grey and red.

I Kick Ass T-Shirt
BodhiPaw I Kick Ass T-Shirt

23. Be Awesome Today Mug

Use it every morning and be inspired to be awesome for the rest of the day.

(See here for 16 Inspirational Coffee Mugs)

24. A Good Book for the Book Lovers

A good self-help book is another great idea. The Confidence Code for Girls is a must-read for teenage girls. Yes, girls can rule the world—all they need is confidence. This empowering, entertaining guide lets girls see how awesome they really are, instill self-confidence and helps them to become fearless.

The Confidence Code for Girls
The Confidence Code for Girls
That concludes our list of This Year’s Most-Wanted Birthday Gifts for Teen Girls. Thanks for reading.

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