This National Doctor’s Day, show appreciation to doctors and physicians with a special doctor gifts. Below, we have brought together a list of 10 unique gifts for doctors. They are fun and thoughtful gifts your doctor would appreciate. Bring a smile to your doctor this National Doctors Day.

These ideas are also suitable as gifts for residents, medical school students or graduation gifts for medical students.

Gift Ideas for Doctors

Unique Gift Ideas for Doctors

1. Doctor Cartoon Flash Drive

Give a unique gift to your doctors to make them smile on National Doctor’s Day. This cute doctor in scrub flash drive has a large 64 GB capacity to store documents and files. It is a practical and fun office supplies for medical professionals.

Doctor Cartoon Flash Drive
Doctor Cartoon Flash Drive
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2. Kate Posh Pen for MD

One of the best doctor appreciation gifts you can get for both male and female doctors. This beautiful pen by Kate Posh is hand-crafted in California using top-quality natural wood. It is engraved with “MD Making the world a better place, one life at a time“.

Kate Posh Pen for MD
Kate Posh Pen for MD
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3. Do Not Confuse Medical Degree Coffee Tumbler Mug

Be sure to get something special for your doctor. This cool tumbler speaks the doctors’ mind. One of common complaints among doctors — patients always self-diagnose using Google search. We are sure many doctors want to say this out loud “Please do not confuse your Google search with my medical degree.”

Do Not Confuse Medical Degree Coffee Tumbler Mug
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4. Kill as Few Patients as Possible: And Fifty-Six Other Essays on How to Be the World’s Best Doctor 

This wonderful book makes one of the most popular gifts for doctors, physicians, med school students and people practicing in the medical field. It is a classic book on the art and humor of practicing medicine.

This book is written by Dr. Oscar London. He muses on the challenges and joys of doctoring, and imparts timeless truths, reality checks, and poignant insights gleaned from 30 years of general practice.

This book is hilarious but thought-provoking and useful at the same time.

Kill as Few Patients as Possible: And Fifty-Six Other Essays on How to Be the World's Best Doctor
Kill as Few Patients as Possible: And Fifty-Six Other Essays on How to Be the World’s Best Doctor
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4. Medical Doctor Sentiment Keychain

A small thank you gift for doctors and physicians. This keychain is engraved with a motivational message to give them a little strength and encouragement. It also comes with a stethoscope charm and caduceus charm.

Medical Doctor Sentiment Keychain
Inspirational Doctor Charm Keychain
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5. Medical Office Decor

Add some awesome decorations to the doctor’s office. These décor pieces will make the space looks more calming.

Medical Office Decor Wooden Plaque
Superheroes in Scrubs Box Sign
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Health Clinic Decor Canvas Print
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6. Funny Doctor Mug

Treating patients and healing people is not an easy job. Doctors and health professionals face daily stress in hospitals. This simple mug with a hilarious statement will help them to make the stress away. It is great for enjoying both hot and cold drinks.

(See more funny mugs for work that your doctors.)

Funny Doctor Mug
Funny Doctor Mug
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7. Thank You Food Gifts – Gardiners of Scotland Vanilla Fudge

Good food is another doctors-approved choice. We recommend this all natural vanilla fudge by Gardiners of Scotland. It is creamy, flavorful, and delicious. Pack in an attractive embossed tin, this fudge is perfect to show appreciation to doctors.

Gardiners of Scotland Vanilla Fudge
Gardiners of Scotland Thank You Vanilla Fudge
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8. Prescription Nifty Notes

Fun prescription notepad that tells people how to heal nonphysical woes with precision, authority and playful empathy. Prescribe a Chill Pill, a vacation, good cry or shopping to make the patient feels better. 

Knock Knock Prescription Nifty Notes
Knock Knock Prescription Notepad
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9. Bone Pen

A fun and special doctor gift you don’t want to miss. This set of pens in awesome bone design are loved by many healthcare professionals.

Bone Pen
Bone Pen
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10. Doctors Need Shots Too Shot Glass

A stress-reliving gift is a must-have for doctors. And, doctors definitely need a shot or two to relax after a long day of work.

Doctors Need Shots Too Shot Glass
Funny Doctor Shot Glass
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That concludes our list of 10 unique appreciation gifts for doctors. Thanks for reading!

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