Look here for small, fun and extremely cool gifts to fill the teenage girls’ Christmas stockings. Filling a teen’s stocking can be a hassle, gift shopping for teens is not an easy task. Don’t want to upset her this holiday season? Make sure to fill her stocking with something exciting this year. Read here for 20 cool stocking stuffer ideas for teens. These perfect little gifts are inexpensive, creative and trendy. They are the killer presents your teenager will fall in love with.

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Christmas Gifts For Teens. Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teen Girls.

List of Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Girls

1. Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s Travel Mug

Let’s start our list of best stocking stuffers for teen girls with this chic mug. Vintage style graphic featuring Audrey Hepburn. This mug is made of ceramic with a pink silicone lid. It is double walled to keep drinks cold or hot for hours.

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's Travel Mug (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s Travel Mug
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2. Pompoms Beanie Hat

Keep her warm and looking cute this winter. Cable knit patterned beanie decorated with a pom pom on top.

Pompoms Beanie Hat. Stocking stuffer ideas for her. Teens stocking stuffers.
Pompoms Beanie Hat
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3. Compact Envelope Wallet

This holiday season, you can also get this stylish wallet as your teen girl’s stocking stuffer. Made of soft leather, mini in size. This wallet has six card slots, one ID window, one zippered pocket for the coin and a full-length bill section.

Compact Envelope Wallet. Stocking stuffer ideas for teens. #Christmas
Compact Envelope Wallet
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4. Sushi USB Flash Drive

This shrimp sushi USB storage drive makes one of the best stocking stuffers for teen girls. It is unique, fun and functional. An inexpensive gift that teens will appreciate.

(Are you obsessed with Japanese stuff? Check out 16 Kawaii Stationery here)

Sushi USB Flash Drive. Tech gifts. Stocking stuffer ideas for teens.
Sushi USB Flash Drive
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5. Poofy Pom Unicorn Keychain

Fill her Christmas stocking with this lovely keychain that brings lots of good lucks. Features a shiny crystal unicorn with tassels, silver charm that reads “luck”, a white fur ball pom, and a teal fur ball decorated with a mini unicorn.

This keychain comes attached to a heartfelt message card. It is perfect for the girly girls.

Pom Unicorn Keychain (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Poofy Pom Unicorn Keychain
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6. Leather Tassel Pendant Earrings

This pair of stylish earrings is another fantastic gift for teens. Charming pink tassel with white triangle crystal. It looks trendy, cool, and adorable.

Leather Tassel Pendant Earrings. Christmas gifts for her. Stocking stuffer ideas for teen girls.
Leather Tassel Pendant Earrings
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7. Boy Bye Mug

Yes, we girls are strong. Say bye bye to the boys. A simple mug with an awesome statement.

Boy Bye Mug. Christmas gifts for girls. Stocking stuffer ideas for teens
Boy Bye Mug
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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Mug

Another great mug for the teenagers. It comes with a helpful message and starry night as background. Made of ceramic, 11 oz capacity. She will love it for sure!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Mug
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Mug
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8. Life is Creating Yourself Journal

Inspire her with this beautiful journal that reads “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”.

Life is Creating Yourself Journal (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Life is Creating Yourself Journal
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9. Dream Catcher 

Pretty dream catcher to decorate the teenage girl’s bedroom. It is handmade with gorgeous details. Great colors, artistic-looking. No more bad dream with it hanging on your wall.

Handmade Dream Catcher. Boho bedroom decor. Christmas gift ideas for girls. Stocking stuffers for teens
Dream Catcher
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10. Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

Makeup and facial masks are most-loved stocking stuffers for teens. She will love this strawberry bubble tea sleeping mask. Apply before going to bed and wake up to a moisturized, glowing skin.

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack
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11. Vintage Oversized Sunglasses  

Vintage style pink sunglasses to make girls look sassy and chic. This pair of sunglasses has a Barbie pink frame and mirrored lens. It is suitable for any face shape. She will definitely love it!

Vintage Oversized Barbie Pink Sunglasses (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Vintage Oversized Sunglasses
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12. Mae Hi-Neck Bralette 

You can stuff her Christmas stocking with pretty underwear. This bralette makes an excellent choice. Features high neckline with eye-catching geometric cutouts, double straps and a criss-cross back. It is wire-free and comfortable. Fits well, soft and supportive. A wonderful addition to the girl’s wardrobe.

Mae Hi-Neck Bralette  (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Mae Hi-Neck Bralette
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13. Hair Coloring Metallic Chalk

For teens who love playing with their hair. This set of hair coloring chalk makes an amazing stocking stuffer. Six metallic colors to add a pop of color to your hair. No mess, easy application. Glides and rub it onto your hair and see it transform into exciting colors.

Hair Coloring Metallic Chalk (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Hair Coloring Metallic Chalk
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Hair Coloring Metallic Chalk. Teens stocking stuffers.
Hair Coloring Metallic Chalk
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14. Lipstick Selfie Stick

Awesome tech gift for teens who love taking pictures. This selfie stick has a unique lipstick design loved by girls. It is small, light and useful.

The arm can be extended to 23 inches long to let you take a good picture without the help of others. It is easy to use. Just plug in and you are ready to go. No charging needed, no need for extra app installation.

Lipstick Selfie Stick. Tech gadget for her. (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Lipstick Selfie Stick
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15. Heart-Shaped Push Pins

200 heart-shaped push pins to express your love to her this holiday season.

Heart-Shaped Push Pins. School supplies. Teens Stocking Stuffers.
Heart-Shaped Push Pins
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16. M&M’s Headphones

Have fun listening to music with this M&M’s headphones. Cute design, bright color. It delivers high quality, crisp sound.

Red M&M'S Headphones. Tech gadget gifts for women. (Stocking stuffers for teens)
M&M’s Headphones
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M&M's Headphones. Tech gadgets and accessories. Christmas gift ideas. Stocking stuffer ideas for teens.
Also available in green, blue and yellow
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17. Candy Color Seal Pen Tip Highlighter

Adorable school supplies loved by teen girls — a pack of 12 colorful highlighter pens. Vibrant colors, unique pen tip. Great for doing crafts and note-taking.

Candy Color Seal Pen Tip Highlighter. School supplies. (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Candy Color Seal Pen Tip Highlighter
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18. WRISTOLOGY Stella Silver Boyfriend Watch

Hot fashion accessories for teens — metal boyfriend watch. Slim case, clean-looking white face, silver mesh straps. It is simple, sleek, and cool-looking. A must-have watch for the fashion-forward teens.

WRISTOLOGY Stella Silver Boyfriend Watch. Teen fashion. Christmas gift ideas for teen girls. Stocking stuffers for her.
WRISTOLOGY Stella Silver Boyfriend Watch
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19. Lucky Cat Necklace

Adorable little kitty coming to wish her a merry Christmas. Rose gold plated. The cat is hanging at the bottom chain and the body can swing a bit.

This is a dainty piece she will adore.

(Looking for a cute cat-themed necklace? Check out our Cat Necklace Collection here.)

Lucky Cat Necklace (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Lucky Cat Necklace
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20. Lip Smacker Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Lip Balm 

Lip balm always makes a good stocking stuffer for teenage girls. You can get this set of stackable Winnie The Pooh and Tigger lip balms for her. They have fun character-inspired flavors of the honey pot and bubble gum. Smells awesome, looks amazingly cute.

Lip Smacker Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Lip Balm (Stocking stuffer ideas for teens)
Lip Smacker Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Lip Balm
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That concludes our list of this year’s best stocking stuffer ideas for teen girls. Thanks for reading and have a happy Christmas.

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