This article is about how to have a perfect picnic amid stay-at-home order. The coronavirus outbreak is affecting people worldwide. Many countries are currently under lockdown situations to prevent the virus from spreading. It is wise for us to practice social distancing, avoid crowded places, and stay at home. We know it can get really bored working from home for days without venturing out. Fortunately, there are still many activities we can do at home. We can take a virtual tour of museums, download some books from a public library, get in shape learning yoga from YouTube, and etc. It’s time to get creative and “move” the outdoor inside. If you are restricted from exploring the outdoors amid this COVID-19 pandemic, why not have a picnic at home with your loved one? Fix a time for your picnic date, choose your preferred picnic spot (backyard, balcony or living room), and start preparing for this fun activity to do at home.

We have prepared a checklist of things to prepare for a perfect stay-at-home picnic below. There is also a free printable at the bottom of the article, print it out if you need.

Checklist for Stay-at-Home Picnic

These are all the things that you need for your next picnic at home.

1. Decorative Lights

What’s great about having a picnic at home is you can do it any day, rain or shine. Normally we go to a picnic in the daytime. During this movement restriction period, we have to adapt to the situation and abnormal is the new normal. We can make things more exciting at home. Why not have our stay-at-home picnic at night, hang some fairy lights, and pretend they are the stars under the sky. It definitely makes the whole setting cozier and more romantic.

Twinkle Stars LED String Lights
Twinkle Stars LED String Lights

2. Picnic Mat

If you ask me what’s the essential item in the picnic packing list, I would say a nice picnic mat is a must-have. Otherwise, you are just having your meals on the floor and that is really lame.

Gold Mandala Round Tapestry
Gold Mandala Round Tapestry

3. Music

Yes, we definitely need some music to lift the spirits. Take out your guitar, play your favorite CDs, or stream some songs from Youtube.

Byron Statics Retro Portable Radio
Byron Statics Retro Portable Radio

4. Picnic Food

The perks of picnic-at-home: you don’t have to worry about transporting the food. No portable dishes required. The regular home-cooked food is okay but hey we want to make this stay-at-home activity more exciting, so why not try to make some special dishes for this occasion.

5. Picnic Desserts and Drinks

Also, don’t forget to prepare some baked goods, fruits, and juices.

6. Food Serving Tray

You can take out your picnic basket if you want. If not, let’s just carry our food with a serving tray.

Hand Painted Round Platter Tray
Hand Painted Round Platter Tray

7. Wine

A bottle of good wine is not to be missed for a wonderful stay-at-home picnic.

8. Tea & Tea set

If you are a tea lover, bring out your fanciest tea set at home. Make your favorite cuppa and enjoy!

9. Plates, Drinkware, and Cutlery Tools

You don’t really have to spend much for stay-at-home activities. You don’t even need disposable plates for the picnic. Just pick some nice plates, bowls, and glasses from your kitchen.

10. Condiments and Seasonings

Get whatever you need from the fridge.

11. Blanket

It can get chilly at night, especially if you are having your picnic at the balcony. Prepare a blankie to keep yourself warm.

Mint Green Pom Pom Throw Blanket
Mint Green Pom Pom Throw Blanket

12. Pillow

Take out the cutest pillow from your house. Make yourself comfortable while chatting and enjoying the food.

Fiesta Cactus Serape Pillow
Fiesta Cactus Serape Pillow

13. Comfy Cushion Seat

If sitting on the floor is not comfortable, you can place some ottomans on your picnic mat.

Hand Woven Straw Cushion Ottoman
Hand Woven Straw Cushion Ottoman

14. Lantern

For extra lighting, place some lanterns around your picnic spot. Be safe and use the LED lantern if you are picnicking indoor.

15. Flower and Vase

For decoration purposes. Let’s put things together nicely to make us feel good. Also, it looks good for photos.

16. Games

You have the whole night to spend together. Get something fun to do, stay away from your phone. You can read some books, write down your bucket list together, play some card games or board games.

Here’s some card games suggestion to play during the lockdown:

17. Camera and Selfie Stick

Be sure to charge your camera and prepare a selfie stick/ tripod to capture this special indoor picnic moment.

18. Picnic dress

What else do we need to prepare for a perfect picnic amid the stay-at-home order? It’s your chic sundress you can’t wait to wear. Girls, take it out and dress up for your fun picnic date at home.

And there you go, 18 things to prepare for a perfect picnic at home amid coronavirus outbreak. Let’s have fun and stay safe at home.

Stay at Home Picnic Checklist Printable

For convenience sake, print out this Picnic at Home Checklist below.

Stay at Home Picnic Checklist
Stay at Home Picnic Packing List

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