When you are shopping for the big Christmas present for mom, don’t forget to also spend some time to look for some small and fun gifts to stuff her Christmas stockings with. If you’re not sure what little items you should get for her, you will be after reading this post. here for a list of 30 awesome stocking stuffer ideas your mom will love. We have rounded up with cool ideas under $25 from fashion pieces, kitchen accessories, tech gadgets, home decor, and more. So be sure to check them all out, after all, the perfect idea could be placed last!

Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Mom

Find out what gift ideas for stocking stuffer can make mom feel proud this Christmas without causing a dent in your budget.

1. Cactus Jewelry Holder

Add a tropical vibe to her vanity. It is an adorable cactus ring holder that can hold her rings on the arms and store some earrings and other accessories on the polka dot tray. Related: 22 Cactus Gifts That Are Perfect For Succulent Lovers

2. Vera Bradley Card Case

She will love the vibrant pattern and charming little details of this card holder. The clear window and zippered pocket are perfect for keeping your  ID, license, credit cards, cash, and coins. It also comes with a key ring, which is perfect for your keys.

3. Mom Quote Double Heart Key Ring

A sentimental gift for mom from daughter. The heart charm is engraved with a beautiful message that reads “The love between Mother and Daughter is forever”.

4. Funny Oven Mitt 

Wear it and flash it to the husband, kids, and even the guests to have a good laugh. Because when a mother is doing her job in the kitchen, it is not monkey business.

5. PopSockets

Holding phone made easier with this small accessory. Attach it to the back of your phone to provide a secure grip when you are texting or taking a selfie. You can also use it as a convenient stand when you are catching the latest video.

PopSockets Boho Golden Lace
Golden Lace Mandala Design

6. My Mom Knows Everything Encyclopedia Mug

For the wise woman in your life because she is the one who always gives the best advice when you need it. Check out our collection of funny mugs for women.

7. Jade Roller Beauty Massager

Get this ancient beauty tool to be a part of your skincare regimen. Use it to rejuvenate your skin, promote blood circulation, and detoxify through the lymphatic drainage. What we like the most is the cooling effect when the jade stone touches our skin.

8. Camellia Pearl Earrings

White camellia and white pearl to celebrate the white Christmas because white is the theme for winter.

9. “Check It Off!” Hardcover Memo Pad

This mini memo pad fits perfectly in any purse. Write down your to-do list or shopping list to remind yourself of the things to do.

10. Mini Humidifier

Dry winter air is harsh for the skin. Fight it with a personal humidifier. She will appreciate this cactus humidifier. It is cute, small in size, and easy to move around. It sprays a fine mist into the air to help you breathe better and moisturize your skin.

11. Mom Diamond Necklace

A sparkly diamond to make her smile. She will love the simple and delicate style of this necklace. It comes attached to a meaningful message card perfect to express your love.

12. Vintage Rose Phone Case

Yup, even her phone need to dress up nicely.

13. Rose Shape Compact Mirror

Another rose for mom’s stocking. Toss it into the purse and touch up your look whenever needed.

14. Twist Cable Knit Scarf

A fashion accessory that is also a must-have if your mom lives in one of those states with harsh winter. Keep her warm by making her go pink. This popular knitted scarf is made of quality material. Its length allows you to wrap around your neck twice or more to keep the body heat from escaping and the icy winter wind from entering.

15. Vintage Catchall Tray

We hear you, ladies. Here’s a nice metal catchall tray to collect your hair accessories, tiny trinkets, and other small gems.

16. Avocado Slicer

All-in-one tool to handle the power food. This cheap and functional tool splits, pits, and slice the avocado safely. It also allows the user to scoop out the fruit easily without making a mess.

17. Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper

Pop more, burn less with this heat-resistant glass popcorn popper. Designed for microwave use. You can now make fluffy, fresh, and healthier popcorn without using greasy pre-packaged popcorn.

18. da Bomb “F” bomb

When life gets stressful, drop an “F” bomb in the bath. This fragrant fizzer is designed to melt anger and dissolve stress. Enjoy the aroma to feel refresh afterward.

19. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Back her up, no more running out of battery. Power bank that comes in the set of two stylish designs that fits easily into any purse or pocket. One for her and one for yourself.

20. Funny Buddha Wine Glass

Follow the wise teaching of Buddha. Sometimes, we just have to let that sh*t go.

21. Cute Socks

Uh huh, socks with sayings. That’s what I’m talking about.

22. Raw Organic Shea Butter Moisturizer

Dry skin is a common problem for us in the winter. We recommend the ladies to keep a tin of rose scented shea butter in the purse. Take it out anytime to apply on your lips, hands, and even hair when needed.

23. Dammit Doll

Moms get stressed too, maybe even more often than you and I do. With all the stress and pressure pent up inside, there’s just no way that it will be good for her physical and mental health. So get her this stress-relief doll her to vent her built-up stress. Squeeze, punch, kick, throw the doll against the wall, the Dammit doll will be able to handle any form of physical abuse, as long you feel relieved afterward.

Dammit Doll - Classic Pineapple Panic
Classic Pineapple Panic

24. Llamas Notebook

Help her to collect quotes and meaningful words that inspire her. Also great for the shopping list and things to do. A group of relaxed llamas is shown chilling on the cover of the book under, presumably, the big blue sky.

25. The Republic Of Tea Get Lost Stackable Tea Tin

Dedicated to tea lovers who are also looking to get lean or stay fit. 48 natural tea bags in three air-tight containers. Each tin contains 14 round bags of tea blends with an herbal infusion. The flavors are different from one tin to another so is the function of the teas.

26. Monin Rose Syrup

Used in food or beverages. If she likes to mix drinks or experiment with new ingredients when cooking, this might just be her favorite small surprise. Introduce a new flavor, the rose, to her favorite cocktail, mocktail, fruit punch, and what-not recipes. Use it to bake chicken or cake — this could be a brand new discovery for her.

27. Mom Spoon

She will be reminded of how much love and care you give every time she uses the spoon.

28. AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker

Right of the bat, the myth is true: Bluetooth speaker is not top-notch in terms of audio quality. Of course, that only applies to perhaps top 10% of audiophiles. For audio-peasants like you and me, the right Bluetooth speaker sounds perfectly awesome. This speaker we’re showing you here is wireless, blue, and water-proof. Its silicone handle is a very nice touch as it allows you to bring it to even more places. Some inspiration: the bathroom, on the bike handle, on the branch of a flowering tree — your imagination is the limit.

29. Mermaid Glitter Nail Polish

No matter how young they are, girls will always be girls, and girls love glitters. Well, most girls anyway! Wouldn’t it be great if your nails can glitter too? With a bottle of Born Pretty nail art polish, you too can shine like a star.

30. Bee Harmony American Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Eat it straight, water it down, or use it for cooking — the choice is yours. You’re the queen of this Orange Blossom honey.

That concludes our list of Best Stocking Stuffers for Mom. Happy shopping and have a great Christmas!

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