10 Retirement Gifts for Men and Women
10 Retirement Gifts for Men and Women

Is your co-worker, friend or family member retiring? Are you searching for a proper retirement present to express your gratitude for his or her contribution? Get inspiration from this gift guide dedicated to men and women who have made a difference in their workplace.


Retirement Gifts
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Discover: Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Men and Women

1.   Books for the Retirees

1a.   You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children 

A classic book for senior citizens by Dr. Seuss. His fun rhymes and humorous illustrations are delighting. Obsolete children will surely enjoy reading this!

You're Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children - Retirement Gifts
You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children

1b.   What You Don’t Know About Retirement

Another good book for people who are retiring. Filled with lots of jokes, questions, and answers regarding retirement. Hilarious and entertaining. Makes a great small gift.

What You Don't Know About Retirement - Retirement Gifts for Coworkers
What You Don’t Know About Retirement

2.   Whatever Clock

After he retired from his position, he can do whatever he wants, anytime and anywhere. This black and white desk clock tells time in an interesting way. Reads “WHaTever.” Best suits his/ her status of a retiree.

 Whatever Clock - Retirement Gifts
Whatever Clock

3.  Gag Retirement Gifts

3a.   Funny Retirement Bag

A colorful and fun bag that says “Motto of the Day: Eat, Sleep, Repeat“. Cute graphic that makes everyone smile. Canvas tote perfect for everyday use.

Eat Sleep Repeat Tote Bag. Retirement Gifts
Eat Sleep Repeat Tote Bag

3b.   Retirement T-shirt

Simple cotton tees featuring cute statement perfect for the retirees. Eye-catching and fun. Funny retirement gifts for both men and women.

Retirement Notice T-Shirt
Retirement Notice T-Shirt
I Don't Care, I'm Retired T-Shirt
I Don’t Care, I’m Retired T-Shirt
I'm Retired, You're Not Nah Nah Nah T-shirt. Retirement Gift Ideas
I’m Retired, You’re Not Nah Nah Nah T-shirt

4.   Mug to Celebrate Retirement

4a.   Keep Calm Coffee Mug for Retiree

After retiring, she can enjoy her longest coffee break with this lovely “Keep Calm” mug. Fun graphic. Reads “Good Bye Tension, Hello Pension”. Retirees will love to use this for sure!

Keep Calm Retirement Mug - Retirement Gifts
Keep Calm Retirement Mug

4b.   Retired Poem Mug

This is a great mug for co-worker or boss who is retiring. It reads “Thousands of day, hundreds of problems, unlimited projects, endless meetings, everlasting friendships, unforgettable memories. Finally Retired and The Best Has Yet To Come”.

Retired Poem Mug. Retirement Gifts For Coworkers. Retirement gifts for boss.
Retired Poem Mug

5.   Passport Holder

If you know he/ she is planning to travel around the world, then you can get a passport holder. We recommend the below 2 passport covers. They have unique map design with vibrant colors. They are well made with a sturdy cover and two transparent sleeves on the inside. A practical stuff to keep traveler’ passport in style.

I'm Outta Here Passport Holder. Retirement gifts for her.
For her: I’m Outta Here Passport Holder
Ocean Currents Map Travel Passport Holder. Retirement Gifts For Men
For Him: Ocean Currents Map Travel Passport Holder

6.   Reader’s Digest -The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips

America is such a beautiful place and it has a lot of interesting places to visit. With this book, anyone can have amazing road trips to North America’s most picturesque byways. A wonderful book with well-written info, detailed routes, and colorful pictures.

The Most Scenic Drives in America, Newly Revised and Updated: 120 Spectacular Road Trips - Retirement Gifts
The Most Scenic Drives in America, Newly Revised and Updated: 120 Spectacular Road Trips

7.   Something Sentimental for the Retirees

7a.   Celebration of Retirement Angel Figurine

Hand-painted angel figurine to commemorate this important milestone. This beautiful angel carries a message “In celebration of your achievements and the journey that awaits you. Happy retirement”.

Celebration of Retirement Angel Figurine | Retirement Gifts for Coworkers
Celebration of Retirement Angel Figurine

7b.   Dogeared Going Places Compass Necklace

A lovely necklace for women. Features a compass disc pendant and a delicate gold chain. This necklace comes attached with a meaningful message perfect for the lady who is free to go wherever she wants.

Dogeared Going Places Compass Necklace - Retirement Gift Ideas For Women
Dogeared Going Places Compass Necklace

8.   Vacation Gears After Retirement

Retirees have plenty of time to the beach, camping, and lots of outdoor activities that they enjoy. Straw hats are perfect for the folks who enjoy the sun. We recommend:

For the guys

Classic Columbia straw hat in a neutral beige color that matches with any outfit. Stylish, light-weight and breathable. Also, with UV 50 sun protection to keep him away from harmful sun ray.

Columbia Men's Bonehead Straw Hat - Retirement Gifts For Men
Columbia Men’s Bonehead Straw Hat


For the ladies

Wide brim sun hat perfect for the retired ladies. Tell everybody that you are always on vacation. This hat is cool and chic-looking. She’s gonna love it!

Always On Vacay Sun Hat- Retirement gifts for women
Always On Vacay Sun Hat

9.   Inspirational Wall Art

It’s time to start another new chapter in life. Retirees must get motivated, dream big and do something they like. “What you think you become”. Wanna be a great adventurer or a restaurant owner? No problem, just do it!

What You Think, You Become Wall Art - Retirement Gift Ideas
What You Think, You Become Wall Art

10.   DIY Retirement Gifts

10a.   Thank You Card

You can also show gratitude to your teacher for what he/ she has done. Write him/ her a Thank You Card. It is practical and will be appreciated as well.

Thank You Card
Thank You Card

10b.   Scrapbook

Get some group photos, get all the coworkers to write something or put their signature on. Gather all the memories in one book will definitely touch his/ her heart.


That concludes our list of 10 retirement gift ideas for men and women. Thanks for reading!

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Retirement Gifts For Women and Men
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