Hi readers, 2014 Christmas is coming in a month time. If you guys are looking for gift ideas for your coworkers, read here for our guide on Christmas gifts for coworkers. We have a list of 7 awesome ideas that are unique and cool. These gifts are inexpensive, all of them are under $20.

Scroll down to discover Best Gifts for Coworkers (Christmas 2014).

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers
Christmas Gifts for Coworkers


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1.   An Honest Day’s Work Office Pinhead Doll

Uncommon office gift perfect for coworkers and boss. Female and male version. Full of humorous sayings like “your crazy coworker”, “da boss man”, “prick me”, “keep your hands off my ideas” and more.

Creative and funny. These dolls gonna be a big hit in the office!

An Honest Day's Office Pinhead Doll
An Honest Day’s Office Pinhead Doll

2.   Christmas Holiday Rubber Ducky

Rubber ducks in winter holidays mood great for stocking stuffers. Assorted design of Santa, reindeer, snowman and more. Festive and Christmassy.

Christmas Holiday Rubber Ducky
Christmas Holiday Rubber Ducky
3.   Coffee Beans Coffee Mug

You can also get this cute mug for your coworkers. With fun design that says “Just a healthy dose of coffee”. The colorful coffee beans will bring out positive mood for the day. A wonderful mug that coworker will appreciate.

Coffee Beans Coffee Mug
Coffee Beans Coffee Mug
4.   Metal Robot Flash Drive

Playful robot thumbdrive that coworkers will be thrilled to receive. Remove the head of the robot to connect to any USB port. Also attached with a keychain at the back. Practical and cool!

Available in silver and gold. One of the best gifts for coworkers under $10.

Metal Robot Flash Drive
Metal Robot Flash Drive


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5.   Plant

Little live plant for office. Place it on the working desk to make the environment livelier. This set of 3 lucky bamboo in elephant vase looks beautiful. Green, fresh and easy to care for. It is believed to bring good feng shui, good wealth and lots of happiness to the owner.

Lucky Bamboo with Elephant Vase
Lucky Bamboo with Elephant Vase
6.   Office Supplies

Office supply that female coworkers will adore. Fill her working desk with this pretty little thing – adorable kitty sticky notes dispenser. Heavy and sturdy; easy for one-hand dispensing.

White Cat Post-it Note Dispenser
White Cat Post-it Note Dispenser
7.   Mini Zen Garden

One of the most loved work desk decoration. A miniature Zen garden kit good for releasing stress on busy days.  A black wooden dish filled with white sand, rocks, candleholder and a rake. Raking the sand will helps clear up your mind. Bring peace and calmness.

Tabletop Zen Garden Kit
Tabletop Mini Zen Garden

That’s the 2014 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers. Have a joyful Christmas! Thanks for reading.

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