It has been a good year working together as a team. Get a small thank you gift for your employees and office staff this Christmas. Gift-giving during the holiday season can be burdensome but fret not, we’ve got you covered with a list of cool ideas. See here for 15 inexpensive office gifts for employees. They are cute, creative and fun.

These ideas are also great for year-end office gift exchange. All under $20.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Employees and Staff

Holiday Gifts for Employees

1. World’s Best Employee Mug

Recognize their excellent work performance, give them this vintage newspaper style mug. It is for the World’s Best Employee only.

(This mug is available for both male and female employees.)

World Best Employee Classic Newspaper Mug
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2. Sushi Pen Set

Celebrate the holiday by giving cute little Christmas gifts for your office staff. We love unique office supplies like these sushi pens. These pens look so “yummy” that they will become your staff’s favorite pens.

Retractable Sushi Ballpoint Pens
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3. Desktop Box Sign 

A cool office décor to brighten up the workspace. This eye-catching wood sign will definitely make your staff LOL. It is painted in black and white, distressed style. It reads “If you ever get caught sleeping at work, just slowly raise your head and say “in Jesus” name I pray“.

Office Desk Decor Sign
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4. Mini Power Bank

Be sure to get something functional that your staff can actually use. They will appreciate this small and light external charger packed with 10000mAh power. Toss it in the bag and no more running out of battery.

Portable Charger
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5. Classic Map Leather Watch

A beautiful watch for men and women. Features an old map dial with antique-looking hands, rustic bronze case, and a matching bands with aged effect.

World Map Vintage Watch Leather
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6. Dino Memo Holder

Why not get something fun for the office? Let this green dinosaur guards your workspace. He can hold a notepad firmly in the jaw and carry some pens on its back. He is a cute little guy who will become a big hit in your office.

Note Holder
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7. Ice Cream Cone Water Tumbler

Because everybody loves ice cream. And, this ice cream shaped tumbler makes sure we get enough water but not too much sugar.

Travel Tumbler
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8. Fruit Socks

Colorful socks to keep your feet warm this winter.

Fruit Socks
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9. Snow Angel Bookmark

Lovely angel bookmark that can be doubled as a Christmas ornament. Featuring silver color, pretty cutout details, and a matching silk tassel. It looks dainty and charming.

Snow Angel Bookmark
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10. Thank You Sticky Note Set

Recognize your employees’ handwork, get a small gift to thank them. Get inexpensive but meaningful end-of-the-year gift like this sticky notes pack. It comes in a set of six different designs to jot down everything you need.

Thank You Sticky Note Packet
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11. Reusable Bottle Stopper Set

For the wine lovers. These wine sealers will come in handy in the festive season. They keep drinks fresh longer in a cute way. Made of 100% food grade silicone with an air-tight seal. They are cheap and functional.

Wine Stopper Set
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12. Ferrero Collection

Good food is always welcomed during the holiday season. Ferrero Collection will keep your coworkers satisfied for sure. A box of 18 Ferrero’s finest layered confections; the Rondoir, Rocher, and Raffaello.

They are crafted with quality chocolate with hazelnut, almond, and coconut. These chocolates taste rich, creamy and delicate.

Ferrero Chocolates
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13. Japanese Bento Lunch Box

A useful gift approved by employees. This beautiful lunch box is perfect for you to pack, stack, and bring your favorite food to work every day.

Lunch Box
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open up
open up
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14. Executive Beach Break Set

Another creative gift for employees. Create a relaxing beach scene at the work desk. It lets them escape to an imaginary beach vacation when life gets stressful.

Japanese Zen Garden
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15. Animal Butt Magnets

When you are looking for something funny to cheer up the employees this Christmas. We recommend sending these wild safari animal butts to greet your staff. They are strong magnets that stick nicely to the metal surface. Rich colors, adorable, sturdy. They are awesome office decoration to make people laugh.

Animal Magnet Set
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That concludes our list of Best Christmas Gifts for Employees. Thanks for reading.

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Christmas gifts for employees
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