Find fabulous 5th Anniversary Gifts for Her here. We have brought together a list of 7 traditional wood theme gifts and non-traditional gifts perfect for celebrating 5th wedding anniversary. These ideas are sweet, romantic, and thoughtful. Your wife gonna love these items, and we are sure she gonna love you more!

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5th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Traditional wood anniversary gifts.

5th Anniversary Gifts For Wife

1. Kissing Wood Statue

A beautiful wooden figurine that depicts the love and closeness between a couple. The man and woman are crouching, leaning towards each other for their romantic kiss. Handcrafted with fine details, it looks artistic and flawless from every angle. Makes one of the best traditional 5th anniversary gifts for wife.

Kissing Wood Statue - Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas
Kissing Wood Statue
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2. Our 5th Anniversary Wooden Plaque by Kate Posh 

This is another nice wood gift perfect for celebrating 5th wedding anniversary. A charming wooden plaque designed by Kate Posh, hand-carved in California. Quality natural wood, lovely engraving. A pretty wall decoration that your wife will absolutely love!

Our 5th Anniversary Wooden Plaque by Kate Posh - Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas
Our 5th Anniversary Wooden Plaque by Kate Posh
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3. Wooden Bottle Opener Set

Wood gift that is functional and useful. Set of 3 bottle openers with good-looking handle made from solid rubber wood. Sturdy and comfortable to grip. These bottle openers are easy to use and require very little force to pop any cap (great for the ladies).

Wooden Bottle Opener Set - 5th Year Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas
Wooden Bottle Opener Set
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4. “You Are the Only One in My Heart” Pendant Necklace

Women love jewelry. On the 5th anniversary, bring her out for a romantic dinner and give her this gorgeous necklace to show her your love. Single heart design accented with brilliant gems. It looks dainty and pure, just like your heart to her.

“You Are the Only One in My Heart” Pendant Necklace
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5. Wood Grain Couple Ring Set

Something sweet to touch her heart – a set of unique rings with wood grain inlay great for the wood anniversary. Simple and elegant. They look good on both man and woman.

Wood Grain Couple Ring Set. Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas
Wood Grain Couple Ring Set
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6. Betsey Johnson Hocus Polkas Tote

Your wife will also appreciate this polka-dotted bag by Betsey Johnson. Featuring retro-feel polka dots on a silver background. This bag is roomy, light and comfortable to carry. A chic and functional bag great for everyday use.

Betsey Johnson Hocus Polkas Small Tote Bag - Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife
Betsey Johnson Hocus Polkas Tote
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7. Beechwood Measuring Spoon

Cute and small 5th anniversary gift for her. A set of measuring spoons with whimsy graphic. Four adorable designs of woodland animal (peacock, owl, hedgehog and squirrel). Well made, durable, long-lasting.

(Great value <$15)

Beechwood Measuring Spoon. Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas.
Beechwood Measuring Spoon
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That ends our list of 5th anniversary gifts for her. Have a very happy anniversary with your wife! Thanks for reading.

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