Discover the best unusual gifts that are perfect for men who have a sense of humor. Looking for a one of a kind, quirky gift for guys? Get inspiration from this list of thirty unusual and uncommon gift ideas that are perfect for friends, boyfriend, husband, dad, son, and brothers. These unique gifts are sure to impress him. Get ready to get weird! Check out this unique list of gifts for men now.

Unusual Gift Ideas For Him

1. Dinosaur Bottle Opener

Rawr! This cast-iron T-Rex is coming to bite off any bottle caps with its jaw. It is heavy, strong and powerful. This unusual dinosaur opener will definitely become the talking point at any party.

Dinosaur Bottle Opener
T-Rex Bottle Opener
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2. Pizza Socks Box 

Get him this weird pizza for the special occasion. Three different flavors in a box. He will definitely love it! P/S: weird pizza slices are socks!

Pizza Socks Box 
A Whole Pizza Socks
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3. Chia Pet Donald Trump Planter Kit

Plant your own chia, turn Trump into a weird green head. It can be replanted indefinitely so the fun never stops. The perfect unique gift for both Trump supporters AND opponents.

Chia Pet Donald Trump Planter
Donald Trump Chia Planter Kit
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4. Executive Knight Pen Holder

An unusual office decoration for men. This noble knight is bowing and holding your pen aloft so you don’t have to search for it. He is beautifully crafted with metal. Solid and sturdy. He looks totally cool, unique, and very awesome.

Executive Knight Pen Holder
Kneeling Knight Pen Holder
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5. Cardboard Skull Model

Unique modern art for his room. This 3D skull model is perfect for men who like unusual stuff. It is made of recycled cardboard (i.e. spooky but green), laser-cut for a precision fit. It is shipped flat and will come to life when you build it.

Finely detailed, fun to put together. Men will definitely love this unusual gift that is also environmentally friendly! Best weird room decor ever!

Cardboard Skull 3D Model
DIY Cardboard Skull Decor
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6. Avocado Cufflinks

Forget about the classy, fine-looking cufflinks. Here’s something really unique for your man. A pair of vividly colored avocado to accessorize his cuff. Not everybody wears cufflinks. When they do, you almost never see avocado cufflinks — this is what makes this men’s gift so unique and very weird — unless the guy works in the avocado industry then it kinda make sense.

Avocado Cufflinks
Avocado Cufflinks
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7. Crazy Food Crew Socks

Also, add a pop of colors to his closet with these socks. Colorful, fun, and weird in a good way. Who doesn’t love yummy food on the socks? Definitely not your usual and boring plain socks.

Crazy Food Crew Socks
Food and Snack Socks
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8. Banana Print Swim Suit Trunks

Let the dudes swim in the coolest style ever — the unique banana style.

Banana Print Swim Suit Trunks
Tipsy Elves Banana Swim Suit Trunks
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9. Wine Condoms Bottle Stoppers

For the naughty men who love wine. This unusual bottle stopper makes it look like it’s a condom. The wine condom offers outstanding protection for the open bottle of wine. It sits flush with the rim of the bottle and works really well.

Another great thing about this wine condom is it can be stowed comfortably in your pocket, you can bring this unusual gift to any party and have a good laugh with friends.

Wine Condoms Bottle Stoppers
Unique Wine Condoms
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10. Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator

For him who loves cooking. Crack the eggs in the top, Achoo! and the egg white will come out from his nose. Best unusual gifts for men who like to cook.

Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator
Sneezy the eggs out. This looks really weird…
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11. Comical Boxers

Fun unique boxer shorts that he will appreciate. They feature adorable wood creatures in the dark. It reads “Where the Sun don’t shine”. Funny and unusual gift for men.

Comical Boxers
Funny Men’s Underwear
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12. I Didn’t Fart Funny T-Shirt

T-shirt with unique design also makes a great idea. Make him laugh with this statement tee that says “I didn’t fart, my ass blew you a kiss”.

I Didn't Fart Funny T-Shirt
I Didn’t Fart Funny Saying T-Shirt
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13. Wooden Watch

Watch made of wood is pretty unusual. We recommend this unique and stylish watch featuring a gorgeous wood face with matching black leather bands.

100% nature wood case, each piece has its own unique wood grain. Its clean and minimalist style is perfect for men of all ages.

Wood Watch
Bamboo Wooden Watch
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14. Wooden Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Computer accessories made of natural bamboo wood, anyone? It is definitely a must-have unusual gift for the techie guys.

Wooden Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Wooden Keyboard and Mouse Executive Set
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15. Football Cufflinks 

This is a good unusual gift idea for football players. Delicately sculpted by hand, elegant look. Matches well with any shirt.

Football Cufflinks 
Football Cufflinks
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16. Hello Handsome Mug

A unique mug that greets your man in a gorgeous way. Chic design, cute statement. Perfect for morning coffee.

Hello Handsome Mug
Hello Handsome Coffee Mug
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17. Why Do Men Have Nipples?

An interesting and unique book for men. This book talks about those unusual questions you’d like to ask during an office visit with your doctor but haven’t had the guts to do so. Amusing and informative.

Why Do Men Have Nipples?
Find answers to weird questions
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18. Morning Wood Scented Candle 

This aromatic candle features an unusual scent that you don’t normally think you’d get in a candle. Don’t worry it’s actually cedarwood vanilla, so it’s probably not made of something weird — nothing we’re aware of anyway. Definitely a unique gift that will make him LOL.

Morning Wood Scented Candle 
Cedarwood Vanilla Scent
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19. Whatever Wall Clock

Add a whimsy touch to his room with this unusual, funky clock. Black and white, unique design. Free yourself from the time constraints of life.

Whatever Wall Clock
Whatever Wall Clock
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20. Sriracha Water Bottle

Weird gift for the guys who enjoy eating hot sauce, specifically Sriracha. Get him this fun and unusual bottle featuring the famous Sriracha hot sauce. Suprise the others when he drinks straight outta this bottle — what? He is really into hot sauce.

Sriracha Water Bottle
Sriracha Hot Sauce Water Tumbler
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21. Batman Chess Set

This is not the ordinary chess set. It is Batman vs Joker. Take your side. Do you want to be in the superheroes’ team or the villain’s side?

A colorful chess set containing solid chess pieces and sturdy playing board. They are well crafted and richly colored. A unique gift for men who play chess and are Batman fans.

Batman v Joker The Chess Set
Batman v Joker The Chess Set
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22. Nintendo Controller Hat

Amazing hat for the gamers. High quality, good-looking, adjustable to fit different sizes of head.

Nintendo Controller Hat
Vintage Game Hat
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23. Relax Quote Box Sign

Unusual quirky decor for home and office. This unique wooden box sign says “Relax. We’re all crazy. It’s not a competition”.

Relax Quote Box Sign
Relax Quote Box Sign
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24.  Liquor Decanter

A handsome decanter to store liquor. Brilliantly handcrafted by skilled artisans using good quality glass and beautiful oak. There is an artfully detailed antique ship on the inside.

The ground glass stopper creates a seal to prevent liquor from evaporating.  It is one of the most unusual gift ideas for men.

Liquor Decanter
Antique Ship Decanter
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25. Tribe Azure Copper Buddha Bracelet

We love the stunning details of this unique copper bracelet. It is forged out of heavy 4 gauge pure solid copper. Hammered uniformly and beautifully hand etched with the motif of Medicine Buddha. For the unusually low price range, it really is a rare find.

Tribe Azure Copper Buddha Bracelet
Medicine Buddha Copper Bracelet
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26. Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Handy clip-on lens kit to help him take photos like a pro. Features (i) 12X telephoto lens for shooting distant subjects without distortion, and (ii) 180° fisheye lens to make a dramatic rounded image with fishbowl effect.

High definition optical glass, universal compatibility. Just clip onto any smartphone and it will turn your mobile into a DSLR camera. A unique gift for your boyfriend, husband, or friend who likes to take photos with their phone.

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit
Clip On Camera Lens Kit
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27. Best Cook Ever Apron

Surprise your significant other with this yellow apron. The apron features an eye-catching statement perfect for the Best Cook Ever! One of the best naughty unique gifts for men you should consider buying.

Best Cook Ever Apron
Naughty Apron for Men
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28. Poop Medicine Travel Tumbler

This tumbler comes with a unique message and purpose: it’s for him to carry the poop medicine every morning. And that’s coffee, for the uninitiated. Double-walled to keep beverages hot for hours. This tumbler comes with a screw on lid to make sipping easier while you are on the go. Voted number 1 weirdest tumbler on this list.

Poop Medicine Travel Tumbler | unique funny gift
Poop Medicine Tumbler
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29. Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Another uncommon read for him. This weird book presents a laugh-out-loud collection of random pictures virtually guaranteed to dampen the urge of even the strongest libido. It is hilarious and strangely addictive. He will enjoy reading it! This is definitely an unusual gift he won’t see it coming.

Images You Should Not Masturbate To
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30. Too Big to Fail T-shirt

Something naughty for your man. Features an attention-getting statement and an arrow that points to his you-know-where. Funny and sexy. Perfect naughty gift for boyfriend or husband.

Too Big to Fail T-shirt
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31. Warning Fart Zone Funny Tin Sign 

Unusual tin sign for his man cave. Warning! Fart Zone! Rusty appearance, vintage look. Hang it on the door to ward off any intruders. one of the great gifts for men who have a man cave.

Warning Fart Zone Funny Tin Sign
Funny Fart Zone Tin Sign
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That concludes our list of 30+ unusual gifts for Men. Thanks for reading.

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Unusual Gifts For Men
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