One may ask what is the purpose of giving greeting cards? Are holiday cards outdated in modern times where digital services are often the default?

The concept of sending greeting cards at Christmas time started in 1843 by Henry Cole in Victorian England. It is almost two centuries since then and technologies have advanced to the point where people can easily send and receive mails via smartphone. Is it worthwhile to keep this old tradition by posting out a card? Well, the answer is yes. It’s a tradition worth keeping and here’s why:

Top Reasons Why You Should Send Holiday Cards

Reasons to Send Greeting Cards This Holiday Season

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1. A simple way to spread a little cheer

Giving Christmas cards is the easiest way to help you staying in touch with friends, families, customers, and also business partners. Whether they are near or far, this little effort will brighten up their day.

2. Show your feeling

It’s a physical reminder to show that you really care. To send over the well-wishes, you put in effort from choosing the card design to writing the right message.

3. A surprise in the mail

It means so much to receive a mail addressed to you. The feeling of anticipation and excitement to tear open the envelope can’t be replaced by e-cards.

4. Keepsake for years

We know that digital cards are soon forgotten. Holding a card in your hand is different. It can be kept long after the holidays. Like a time-capsule, you can read over the cards and reminisce for hours.

5. A small gift

Sending greeting card is considered a gift in smaller form in gift-giving. The card chosen with the recipient in mind creates a longer lasting emotional connection between the sender and recipient.

Greeting cards evolved over the years but the tradition of sending Christmas cards live on. Sending the perfect cards is way simpler now. As this year comes to a close, now is the time to send holiday cards in the mail to spread holiday cheer.

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