Read here for Housewarming Gift Ideas for First Time Home Owner. We have handpicked a list of 8 awesome housewarming gifts that first home owners really need. They are cool, functional and thoughtful. Suitable for first home and first apartment.

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1.   Home Writing Set

Let’s start the housewarming gift guide with this wooden notepad & pen holder set designed by Kate Posh. Beautifully handcrafted in California using natural wood. This writing set is engraved with a house and trees image. It says “It take hands to build a house but only hearts can build a Home“. Perfect for any happy home.

Home Notepad and Pen Holder
Kate Posh Notepad & Pen Holder Set
2.   Cutlery Set

Kitchen utensil and cookware are best housewarming gifts for first time home owner. We recommend this set of rainbow color cutlery set. Set of 9 sharp knives with comfy handles. They come in a nicely packaged box with a magnetic block and sharpener.

Rainbow Cutlery Set
Chefcoo Color Kitchen Knives Set
3.   Herb Garden

The new home owner will also appreciate this mason jar herb garden set. Grow funky and fresh herbs at home with ease. No green thumb required, all you need to do is water up to the rock line once a week.

Makerskit Mason Herb Garden Gift Set
Makerskit Mason Herb Garden Gift Set
4.   It’s So Good To Be Home Poster

This colorful poster makes a delightful housewarming gift. Featuring bunch of carnations with petals against yellow background. It looks eye-catching. Great wall decoration to create homely feel.

It’s So Good To Be Home Poster
It’s So Good To Be Home Poster
5.   Tuscana Colored Wine Glass Set

Dinnerware and glasses are practical items that first time home owner need. They will love this set of 4 colored wine glass. Made of quality glass, it is sturdy and pretty. The romantic colors of Tuscany will surely make your kitchen looks amazing.

Tuscana Colored Wine Glass Set
Tuscana Colored Wine Glass Set
6.   Ponytail Palm Bonsai

Plants are great too. They fill the environment with freshness and liveliness. This exotic-looking ponytail palm bonsai is an excellent choice. It is gorgeous, green, and healthy.

This bonsai requires infrequent watering and feeding. Low maintenance, easy to care. Makes a unique decoration for entryway or living room.

Brussel's Ponytail Palm Bonsai
Brussel’s Ponytail Palm Bonsai
7.   Home Key Holder

Cute housewarming gift for newlyweds. A metal key holder with design of home and hearts. Made of quality iron with premium powder coated finish. It is strong enough to hang multiple keys, sunglasses, hat, dog leash, and more.

Home Key Holder
Home Key Holder
8.   Infused Balsamic Vinegars

Set of 4 yummy vinegar made in Italy. Infused with dark and white balsamic: raspberry, blackberry, green apple and mango. Great variety, mouthwatering taste. An intense addition for your eating experience.

 Infused Balsamic Quartetto
Infused Balsamic Vinegars

That concludes our guide on Housewarming Gift Ideas for First Time Home Owner. Thanks for reading!

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