Today we’re sharing with you some really interesting mustache products. Most of these gift ideas are recommended for girls only, but you find some of them are suitable for both male and female. Check it out now.

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Mustache Goodies for All
Mustache Goodies for All


Quick Glance
Quick Glance

1. Mustache Quartz Wrist Watch with Pink Leather for the Ladies

Gorgeous wrist watch with shiny crystals embedded on its bezel and distributed perfectly around its dial. Black & bold mustache at the center, surrounded by shiny crystals. Pink leather band that speaks out the personality of its wearer. This wrist watch tells time with style.

Eron Vintage London Collection Mustache Ladies Tank Top Vest
Bling & pink

2. Polka Dots T Shirt for Women

Simple & comfortable T shirt. The mustache is shown with printed stitch lines around its inner border. Behind it is a beautiful panel of cyan and magenta polka dots. The shirt is customizable — there’re many colors to choose from.

Mustache with Stitch Lines Against Polka Dots Background T Shirt
Stache against cyan & magenta polka dots
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3. Bat Mustache T Shirt

This t shirt for women reminds me of Batman.

Bat Mustache T Shirt for Women
I’m no Bruce Wayne. Not when I have my disguise-stache on
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4. Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustaches iPhone 5 Cover

Cute and girlish iPhone 5 cover featuring mustaches of unique patterns.

Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustache iPhone 5 Cover
Proof: mustache can be youthful & energetic
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5. Retro Mustache Polka Dots Tote Bag

An adorable and practical totes bag. This tote bag features a polka dots filled mustache. Use it for work, school. or grocery shopping. It’s durable.

Retro Mustache Polka Dots Tote Bag
Polka dot mustache bag
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6. Vintage Mustache Pendant

Sophisticated vintage mustache pendant. Handmade and shipped from Paris, France.

Mustache Vintage Pendant
Pocket watch with a pair of stache – how much more classy can it get?
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7. Kikkerland Mustache Keychain with Sound

Awesome ‘stache keychain that can talk. Battery operated. When pressed, a man’s voice will say “well hellooo there”. Place it above your lips for better effects. Speech ability aside, this ‘stache can help to keep your keys save.

Mustache Keychain
it can talk
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8. Skechers Women’s Gimme-Mustache Sneaker

Youthful & fun pair of sneakers with classy patterns: bowtie, mustache, glasses, etc. A product of Skechers. Made of canvas.

Skechers Women's Gimme-Mustache Fun Fashion Sneaker
They are everythere!
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9. Eron Vintage London Collection Tank Top

This tank top by Eron features a vintage design. The print in front shows a lonesome mustache on a brick wall. Perhaps he’s waiting for something. But we would never know.

Eron Vintage London Collection Mustache Ladies Tank Top Vest
Vintage-inspired tank top
10. Self Adhesive Party Disguise

Now everyone can have a mustache. At $1.12 you get one full pack of 12 amazing fake mustaches. Great for all sorts of fun parties. Perfect for everyday wear too (not really).

Self Adhesive Set 12 Fake Mustaches Costume Party Disguise
The perfect disguise


And there you have it! What do you think of these ideas? Let us know. Thanks for reading.

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