Celebrate his first Father’s Day with one of these cool gifts for new dads. Looking for some Father’s Day new dad gifts? Get inspiration from this list of unique gift ideas below. Discover meaningful Father’s Day gifts that are perfect for first-time fathers.

First Father's Day Gifts for New Dad

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New Dad Gifts For His First Father’s Day

1. Daddy’s Diaper Tool Bag

New dad needs a diaper bag. Make sure to get a manly-looking bag that he won’t feel embarrassed to use. We recommend this cool-looking bag for him. Made from durable faux suede, this bag definitely looks like a man’s tool bag.

Featuring roomy main compartment, 1 small zipper pocket in the inside and 7 pockets at the outside. This is a fantastic bag to store all the basic “tools” needed for the maintenance of baby.

Building The Foundation Daddy Diaper Bag
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2. Funny Shirt

This funny T-shirt will definitely make him laugh. Hilarious graphic that shows his new status. Attention-getting and fun.

Also available in: blue, grey, white, red and orange.

Game Over New Father Shirt
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3. Miracle of New Life Figurine

A beautiful figurine that depicts the happiness of having a new life in a family. The parents show tender loving care to the baby. By Willow Tree. This figurine is handcrafted with fine details, and hand painted with soft colors. It makes a meaningful gift for new dad.

Willow Tree New Life Figurine
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4. Super Power Dad Coffee Mug 

This colorful mug also makes a nice Father’s Day gift. Rich colors, cute message. It says “I’m a Dad. What’s your super power?”.

This mug is made of ceramic, 12 ounce capacity. Great size for morning coffee and tea.

Super Power Dad Coffee Mug
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5. Diaper Changing Toolbelt 

Another awesome gear for new dad. A toolbelt that carries everything needed to make a quick and efficient diaper change. Includes baby wipes, diapers, diaper cream, gloves, hand sanitizer, toy to distract baby and more.

A functional kit that comes in handy for parents.  Will become a big hit among new dads.

Diaper Changing Toolbelt
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6. Good Books

Good book makes one of the best Father’s Day gifts for new dad. We recommend the below 2 books that men will enjoy.

6a. Go the F**k to Sleep 

This is the most honest children’s book ever written for … not kids, but the parents with young children. Perfect for parents who are struggling with cranky small kids at night. Totally brilliant, insanely hilarious. This is an amazing book that daddy loves.

Go the F**k to Sleep
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6b. The New Dad’s Survival Guide
Written by man for men. This is an easy read for first time father. Informative, humorous and straight to the point. This book provides simple guide that covers efficient parenting skills in military style.

The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers
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7. Gift from the Kids

We have come to the last idea in this List of 7 Best Gifts for New Dad. Dress up the little one with this cute bodysuit, which is made from soft cotton added with some sense of humor. The little one is ready to wish his/ her dad a happy first Father’s Day.

Daddy Proof One-piece Bodysuit
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That concludes our list of best Father’s Day Gifts for New Dad. Thanks for reading!

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