Not sure what to get for your husband this Christmas? Here at Vivid’s, we have selected 7 creative Christmas gifts that your husband will certainly love. I’m sure you will find some inspirations from this article. Read on for the 7 creative Christmas gift ideas for the husband.


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1. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Conquest High Boot

An all-terrain high boot for men by Polo Ralph Lauren made with quality leather. A sturdy sole and rugged design give this casual boot a ready-for-anything style. The two zippers in front (see picture below) allows your man to slip in and out of the boots easily by opening or closing the zippers. There are also other styles available.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Conquest High Boot
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Conquest High Boot

On the hand, If you’re looking for something more casual and lighter in weight…

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Vaughn Sneakers

Lightweight and comfortable, this pair of sneakers make your man look classy while being casual.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Vaughn Sneaker
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Vaughn Sneaker
3. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Mesh Polo

An American classic. The fit mesh polo by Ralph Lauren is a versatile piece for any men’s wardrobe. Dressed with shorts for a casual outing. Tucked into a pair of khaki pants for a semi-formal gathering. The combinations are endless. There are other colors available besides the one that we’re showing below.

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Mesh Polo
Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Mesh Polo
4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Brief

5 pairs of comfortable men’s briefs in a gift pack by Tommy Hilfiger. Nothing makes a man feel warmer than receiving this gift from his beloved wife — you.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 5 Pack Brief
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 5 Pack Brief
5. All-New Kindle Paperwhite

Your husband will love this reading device by Amazon. With this tablet your husband can bring his favorite books anywhere without worrying the weight in this highly portable device. No screen flare even in direct sunlight. More details.

Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite
6. Micro Mosquito – Super Gyro Infrared RC Helicopter

It’s true: all men are boys at heart. Bring out the little boys in him by getting him a fun toy to play with. The Micro Mosquito is a tiny remote-controlled helicopter. It’s small enough to play it indoor.

If you have kids, it will be a great toy for the kids and your husband to bond over.

Micro Mosquito
Micro Mosquito
7. Tetris Heat Change Mug

A Tetris-themed mug that changes color when the temperature changes.

Tetris Heat Change Mug
Tetris Heat Change Mug


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