What makes your outfit stand out from the rest? Is it the choice of dress, or does it take more than that? While clothes may cover most of the body, they have little to do with the overall look of the outfit. That is why you need accessories. You could be wearing the same dress as another person, yet she gets more head-turns than you do. And it’s not that she has more curves or longer hair or any other feature that gives her an advantage. The secret lies in the accessories she uses to bring the outfit together. Are you following?
With this in mind, you should thus spend as much time shopping for accessories as you do for clothes. That way, you can make the simplest of outfits pop. In no time, other women will be asking you for tips on how to wear their hair, dress their bodies, and complement their jeans. And if you are a man reading this, well, here is a thing you should know. While an Eternity Rose may be the key to putting a smile on her face, there is a lot more that you could do for her. And it all comes down to accessories, as you will see below. Get her one of these items and await the transformation. She’s already gorgeous, but with these accessories, you can add drop-dead to her title.

Statement Jewelry

Have you secretly wished you could look like a fashion icon each time you stepped out of the house? The truth is that looking good is not all that hard. Sure, some people spend tens of thousands on their clothes, but you could look as great when working with a budget.
Let’s work with a simple outfit for this look. Suppose you have a quick lunch date with the girls and need to look casual yet alluring. Sure, you could wear that shirt and jeans and look good while at it. How? Choose statement jewelry for the occasion.
The jewelry should be colorful to add some brightness to the shades you have adorned. Additionally, add a sling bag to the look coupled with a pair of boots. If you wish, you can add some fashionable sunglasses to the look, finishing off with a straw hat if the weather allows.
Anyone looking at you will be sure to notice the bold statement and will know you put some thought into your look. Points!

Pearl Necklace

Dressing for work can be hard, more so where there are strict rules regarding the dress code. So, there is no way you can show up in denim and hope to keep your job. Well, all is not lost, as you can still look striking while abiding by those rules you would like to scribble off that handbook.
How can you have your cake and eat it? A pearl necklace, that’s how! It looks good with neutral colors, and it will not interfere with the official look. You can add some black heels to it, and carry your items in a leather handbag, which should also be of a neutral hue.
You can add some more accessories to the look without ruining its simplicity. A black belt and simple scarf would do. Go with neutral colors, and you will not run the risk of overdoing it.


How can you go wrong with these pieces that fit every occasion? Plus, they couple great with rings, which come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing earrings, you should think of the occasion at hand. If you have a date with the girls or your man, you can go with small dots, which will add to the casual look. But if you are having a fancy event, do not hold back on those loops, which are sure to get you noticed from a distance.
Rings also work for such occasions, and you can match them to the earrings to avoid a splash of color. Finish off the look with some pumps and a simple clutch and see how great you look.

The beauty of accessories is that you can wear the same outfit more than once while changing the look. Grab a bag, bracelet, necklace, earrings, scarf, or anything that can complement a look. And get in on the secret to looking great.