Christmas is less than a month away, gift shopping has to start now. If you’re looking for Christmas Gifts for 12 Year-Old Boys, we have selected a list of 6 really awesome gifts that will provide some inspiration for you. Read on for Vivid’s selection of Christmas gifts for boys aged 12.


1. Risk Game

Strategy board game about global domination. Lead troops, take risk, and compete against other players to take other the world.

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2. Monopoly: Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition

Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition of America’s most popular board game — Monopoly.

Monopoly Marvel Comics Collector's Edition
Monopoly Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition


3. LEGO Galaxy Squad CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

Your boys will love this Lego set with robot and space theme. Get everything that a boy loves in one Lego set: mech exosuits, missiles, laser cannon, alient robots, and more!

LEGO Galaxy Squad Eradicator Mech
LEGO Galaxy Squad Eradicator Mech


4. Forbidden Island

A puzzle game that encourages strategic thinking and cooperation among players. Join a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this perilous paradise. 2010 Mensa Favorite Brainy Games Winner.

Forbidden Island
Forbidden Island


5. PlayStation 4: Launch Edition

The latest model of Sony Playstation — PlayStation 4. Play the latest and hottest games with this gaming console released just a few weeks ago at the time of writing. Your kids will scream in ecstasy when they receive this super cool Christmas gift!

Sony Playstation 4
Sony Playstation 4


6. Nintendo 3DS Holiday Bundle – Flame Red with Super Mario 3D Land Pre-Installed

A handheld gaming console with 3D effects. Your kids will absolutely love this gaming gadget. Play 3D games without needing a 3D glasses. It comes with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed worth $40.

Nintendo 3DS Holiday Bundle
Nintendo 3DS Holiday Bundle


And there you have it folks: 6 Christmas gifts for boys age 12. I hope you like our gift selection.


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