Discover dancer gifts for ballet dancers that an adult ballerina will love. In this gift guide, we’ll share with you great dancer gift ideas from tutu to jewelry.

Being a dancer requires a lot of effort and hard work, professional or not. Their every elegant dance move comes from years of practicing. In this gift guide that is geared towards female dancers, we’ll cover some great dancer gifts that a dancer will actually love to get as a gift.

You wanna get a gift for a ballerina but you don’t wanna get something that is too common? No problem. We’re are always here to help when it comes to choosing to right gift. So get inspiration now from our list of 10 gift ideas for dancers below.

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Ballet Gifts - Dancer Gifts
Ballet Gifts


1.   Tutu

Every ballerina dreams to have their own tutu to dance with. A classic (short) tutu or a romantic (below knee length) tutu will be adored by them. They’re going to love this dancer gift.

Classic Tutu - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Classic Tutu
Romantic Tutu - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Romantic Tutu
2.   Leotard and Tights

For ballerinas, leotard and tight are essential for everyday practice and performance. Additional leotard and tights are always welcoming to the dancer’s wardrobe. You can choose a simple or fun designed leotard, and a pair of flexible and breathable tights in “ballet pink” color.

Ballet Tank Leotard - Dancer Gifts
Simple Tank Leotard
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Leotard with Petal Cut-out Design - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Leotard with Petal Cut-out Design
Transition Tight for Easily Changing between Shoes - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Transition Tight for Easily Changing between Shoes
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3.   Warm-up Wear

As the weather is turning cold, warm-up wear that keeps dancers warm is another thoughtful gift. A stretchy shrug can keep the arms warm and a fitting leg warmers can keep the legs warm while the body is still warming up.

Shrug - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
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Leg Warmers - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Leg Warmers
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4.   Dance Bag

You might notice that ballet dancers gotta bring quite a lot of stuff like ballet slippers, pointe shoes, water bottle, bandages, towel and etc to dance. A nice dance bag with roomy storage would be another gift idea for dancers.

Dance Bag - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Dance Bag
Dance Bag - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Dance Bag
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5.   Water Bottle

Ballet is all about hard work. To stay hydrated is important for dance practice so water bottle is another great gift idea for dancers.

Leak and spill-proof Autoseal Water Bottle - Dancer Gifts
Leak and Spill-proof Autoseal Water Bottle
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Ballerina Stainless Water Bottle - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Ballerina Stainless Water Bottle


6.   Photo Frame

To get a photo frame and add a photo of your ballerina with you is another idea. Metal, wood and plastic photo frame are good. If you have many photos to display, then a digital photo frame is great for displaying all the beautiful memories the ballerina has.

Antique Photo Frame - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Antique Photo Frame
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Digital Photo Frame - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Digital Photo Frame
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7.   Jewelry

Necklace, earrings, bracelet and rings are jewelries that are always welcomed by the ladies. Make your ballerinas look stunning by getting them some nice and sparkly jewelries.

Snowflake Pendant - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Earrings - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
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8.   Hair Accessories

You do notice that ballerina always keep their hair neat, right? This means that they could always use more hair accessories. Hair band, hair net, and bobby pin are some hair accessories you can get.

Hair Band - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Hair Band
Vintage Hair Band - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Vintage Hair Band
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Pearl Bobby Pin - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Pearl Bobby Pin


9.   Foot Care

Ballerinas work a lot using their foot. It is important to take good care of the foot that makes them dance so gracefully. Foot cream is another item you can get.

Foot Creme - Dancer Gifts
Foot Creme
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Foot Cream - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Foot Cream
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10.   Perfume

Ballerinas do need to get out from the dance studio to do something else. A ballet-inspired perfume is nice to wear for attending a dinner or a show.

The Repetto Eau de Toilette - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
The Repetto Eau de Toilette
Iris Prima by Penhaligon - Gifts for Ballet Dancers
Iris Prima by Penhaligon


We hope that you like these lovely ballet dancer gifts. Check out our other ballet related posts for more gift ideas.

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