These creatively funny Father’s Day gifts are the best way to make a dad happy. From clothing, accessories to office decoration and more. These 9 gift ideas for dad will blow your mind!

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Funny Gifts For Dad

1. Best Farter Ever Apron

Let’s start with this fantastic apron for dad who loves grilling and cooking. Featuring bold statement with striking color. Says “Best Farter Ever”, oops… I meant Best Father Ever.

Hilarious and naughty. Gonna make him laugh!

2. Funny Stress Relief Sack 

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Being dad is not easy; sometimes tension built up and dad will feel stressed. This Father’s Day, get your dad this Smack a Sack to help cheer him up. Naughty design that guarantees to make him laugh.

Instruction to use: Grasp the top of the “ball” sack and smack vigorously! Smack it till you smile and and no ones balls will be harmed in the process!

3. The Trump Pen

Awesome talking pen for both Democrats and Republicans. Press Trump’s hair and hear him talk in real voice. 8 different sayings that tells you exactly how to make America great again!

High quality audio you’ll think Trump is actually in the room. Impressing and amusing. Laugh with or at Donald this Father’s Day.

4. My Most Favorite Coffee Mug

A simple and cute mug. A big scorer that gonna make your Fathers Day gift the most outstanding among siblings. Reads “You’re pretty much my most favorite in the history of ever.”

5. How to Traumatize Your Children

For the naughty dad who wants to “traumatize” their children. Get him this book to learn the latest buzzwords and trends in traumatic parenting.

Interesting, humorous, and full of sarcasm. He will definitely enjoy reading it.

6. The Gift of Nothing

If you are feeling naughty and wanna make fun of dad who said he wants nothing for Father’s Day. Wrap this “Gift of Nothing” nicely and see his expression when opening the gift.

Don’t giggle when you are handing out, get a camera ready to record the most amazing moment of the year!

7. Nag Note

Nagging makes dad look uncool. Get him this nag note to use whenever he feels like nagging. Witty and fun.

8. Dear Asshole: 101 Tear-Out Letters to the Morons Who Muck Up Your Life

Another funny gift for dad. A book that includes 101 letters to all of the assholes you encounter on a daily basis. Now leaving a nasty note for jerks is super easy. Just tear the letter out and give it to the desired offender.

9. Cool Dad Shirt

For cool dads only. A simple shirt with awesome statement that reads “Only cool dad gets to wear this tee.”

That concludes our list of 9 naughty gift ideas to celebrate Father’s Day. Thanks for reading and have a good laugh with dad!

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