Warmer days are finally here, it is time to get a new swimsuit for your trips to the beach and pool. Don’t wanna lounge with an out-of-date bathing suit? Be sure to check out 2017 latest swimsuit trends. We have brought together a list of best swimsuit trends you can rock this summer. 23 best swimsuits from sweet ruffles, 90s inspired high-leg, sleek cut-outs, to sexy plunging style.

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Swimsuits 2017 | Hottest swimwear trends


1.   Cactus High Waist Bikini Set

High-waisted bikini continues its trend in 2017. This retro inspired high-waist bikini is really adorable. Lovely pink color with pretty cactus print. High-waisted bottom to cover any problematic tummy issue, giving you the perfect hourglass shape. (Price below $40)

Cactus High Waist Retro Bikini Set - Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Cactus High Waist Bikini Set

Swimsuits with Cute Statement

High-leg one-pieces with bold statement is another hot swimwear style in 2017.  We love the below designs. They are absolutely cute for you girls.

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2.   Bae Watch Swimsuit

Stunning red with white letter. Looks sexy! ($15)

Bae Watch Swimsuit - Swimsuits 2017 Trends One Piece
Bae Watch Swimsuit

3.  Slay High Cut One-Piece

Black high-leg swimsuit with gold statement. Stylish and cool. ($25.99)

Slay High Cut One-Piece (Swimsuits 2017 Trends)
Slay High Cut One-Piece

4.   Unicorn One Piece Swimsuit

For the unicorn lovers. Pastel pink, backless design. ($15)

Unicorn One Piece Swimsuit - Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Unicorn One Piece Swimsuit

5.   Mermaid High Cut One-Piece

Purple bathing suit for girls who love mermaids. It says “Mermaids have more fun”. ($15)

Mermaids Have More Fun High Cut One-Piece (Swimsuits 2017 Trends)
Mermaid High Cut One-Piece

6.   Cute Pineapple Print Bikini

Pineapple and beach — the perfect match. You will never regret getting this pineapple bathing suit. Pineapple print top with black high-waisted bottom. Looks fun and summery! (Price under $20)

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Cute Pineapple Print Bikini. Retro swimwear. Swimsuits trends.
Cute Pineapple Print Bikini

7.   Leaf Pattern with Cutout

Cutout style is making a huge splash this year. This one-piece swimsuit with charming leaf design and stripes looks fashion-forward. It is perfect for your tropical beach vacation. ($29.99)

Leaf Pattern with Cutout Swimsuit. Stylish swimsuits trends
Leaf Pattern with Cutout

Off-the-Shoulder Style

Off-the-shoulder style is definitely not to be missed for summer 2017. If you prefer something more girly, be sure to pick those with ruffle design.

8.   Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Pastel Blue Bikini

This set of pastel blue bikini is one of our most favorite. The baby blue color is appealing, the ruffle sleeve is attractive, and the overall design is not revealing. Modest, pretty, and trendy. You gonna love it! ($23.99)

Off-the-Shoulder Pastel Blue Bikini - Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Pastel Blue Bikini

9.   Vintage Floral Off Shoulder Bathsuit

You can also lounge by the pool with this vintage inspired floral off-shoulder swimsuit. It is colorful and flattering. (under $20)

Vintage Floral Off Shoulder One Piece Bathsuit (Swimsuits 2017 Trends)
Vintage Floral Off Shoulder One Piece Bathsuit

10.   Palm High Leg Plunging One Piece 

For more flirty look, try this palm pattern one-piece with plunging V-neck and side cutouts. 90’s high-leg with retro vibes. A fabulous piece for you ladies! (Price below $25)

Palm High Leg Plunging One Piece Swimsuit. Swimwear trends.
Palm High Leg Plunging One Piece

11.   Handmade Crochet Bikini

Crocheted bikini is a big hit this season. Opt for this handmade pink and sky blue trimmed bikini. ($10.99)

Handmade Crochet Bikini - Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Handmade Crochet Bikini

12.   Crochet Watermelon Knitted Bikini

Or you can choose this watermelon crocheted bikini. ($16.99)

Crochet Watermelon Knitted Bikini- Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Crochet Watermelon Knitted Bikini

13.   Becca by Rebecca Virtue Prairie Rose Halter One Piece

Bride white swimwear featuring gorgeous crochet and lace details. Adjustable straps with beautiful tulip tassel at the back. Looks elegant and feminine. ($120)

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Becca by Rebecca Virtue Prairie Rose Halter One Piece Bride White Swimsuit (Swimwear style)
Becca by Rebecca Virtue Prairie Rose Halter One Piece

14.   Esther Williams Pin Up Gingham Swimsuit

Gingham is also trending this year. You can get this 50’s style swimsuit by Esther Williams. It has strong tummy support panel and ruched fabric in the front to give you a great silhouette. It looks flattering on all body types. ($60)

Esther Williams Pin Up Gingham Swimsuit - Swimsuits Trends
Esther Williams Pin Up Gingham Swimsuit

15.   Gray Stripes Swimsuit

For clean and sleek look, try this striped one-piece under the price of $25.

Gray Stripes Swimsuit - Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Gray Stripes Swimsuit

16.   Yellow Lace Ruffle Bikini

Bright yellow bikini with sweet-looking ruffles. Bathing suit that matches well with the sunny days. ($17.99)

Yellow Lace Ruffle Bikini- Summer swimsuits trends
Yellow Lace Ruffle Bikini

17.   Strapless Bandage Bikini

Beautiful lilac bikini set with bandage top and thong style bottom. It will definitely make you look hot! ($17.99)

Also available in red and blue.

Strapless Bandage Bikini - Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Strapless Bandage Bikini

18.   Long Sleeve Rash Guard Swimwear

Rash guard swimsuit with palm pattern. Fashionable style, unique colors. (below $25)

Long Sleeve Rash Guard Swimwear - Summer beach swimwear trends
Long Sleeve Rash Guard Swimwear

19.   Rash Guard Galaxy Swimsuit

Amazing galaxy print swimsuit suitable for teens. Stretchable fabric with a zipper at the back. ($15)

Rash Guard Galaxy Swimsuit- Swimsuits for teens
Rash Guard Galaxy Swimsuit

20.   Gigantic Watermelon Beach Towel

Do not forget to bring along a large beach towel. Let’s get this gigantic watermelon to the beach. It is 5 feet wide, ultra soft, with vibrant colors. Definitely looks eye-catching! ($25)

BigMouth Inc Gigantic Watermelon Beach Blanket. Beach essentials. Swimsuits 2017 Trends
BigMouth Inc Gigantic Watermelon Beach Towel


21.   Mermaid Off Duty Cover Up

Attention all mermaids! This kimono style beach cover up is your must-have for 2017 summer. It has black tassels adorned at the hem and the flowy pink fabric looks lovely on every girl. ($40)

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Mermaid Off Duty Beach Cover Up. Summer swimsuit beach coverup
Mermaid Off Duty Cover Up

22.   Summer Beach Tank Cover Up

A cool-looking cover up you girls will love. Oversize tank top style with cute statement that reads “Palm trees, coconuts, beach waves, sunsets, vacation”. (under $15)

Summer Beach Tank Cover Up. Swimsuit cover up. Swimsuits for teens
Summer Beach Tank Cover Up

23.   Crochet Dress Cover Up

Boho style crochet cover up with drawstring neck and tassel designs. It is very soft and comfy to wear at the beach, poolside and tanning salon. Looks sexy and chic. (under $20)

Crochet Dress Beach Cover Up - Swimsuits 2017 Trends
Crochet Dress Cover Up

That concludes our list of 23 hottest swimwears for summer 2017. Thanks for reading and have a great summer!

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Swimsuits 2017 | Hottest swimwear trends
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