If you’re looking for unique Easter decor for your home or garden, you have found the right article. In this article you will discover some of the best Spring decorations that will make your home an even better place to live. Are we exaggerating? There’s only one way to find out…

Happy Easter!

Easter Home Decor
Easter Home Decor
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1. Jim Shore Easter Basketful Of Surprises

Spring-theme Easter basket consists of blue bird, basket, and egg-shaped Easter chick and bunny. Carefully painted to make every little details perfect. Be mindful: those cute animals are gonna make you smile. Get this Easter decoration for home & garden here.

Easter Home Decor Featuring Chubby Easter Chick and Bunny
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2. Sunset On The Beach – Andrea Doss

A print of artist Andrea Doss’s acrylic painting. Two bunnies are shown holding hands at a beach during sunset. What do you think is their story?

According the seller’s website, delivery time for this item is 2-3 weeks.

Bunnies Appreciating the Beautiful Sky at Dusk
3. Bubbles – Andrea Doss

Also by Andrea Doss. An adorable gray bunny with faint pink blush is having a great time playing with bubbles. His friends frog and mouse are riding on the bubbles made by bunny.

Happy Rabbit Is Blowing Bubble
4. White Rabbit Vase

Small white rabbit vase. Its compact size makes it an ideal decoration for home.

Sometimes he sits and holds your flower, sometimes he just sits.
5. LED Lighted Easter Bunny Made with Grapevine Rattan

This bunny lights up with LED.

Artistic Representation of E.B. (that’s Easter Bunny for the uninitiated)
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6. Snuggle Bunny Tealight Holder

Bunny has cracked open an Easter egg to hold your tealight holder. Available from GiftsBee.

“Let there be light”
7. Garden Critters

For the garden. A simple & effective way to decorate your garden. Great decor item to enhance the egg hunt.

Colors of the Rainbow
8. Tall Rabbit Decor

An Easter decoration for home. Tall bunny is standing upright. His expression does not offer any clue into his mind. That makes one wonder “what is bunny thinking?”

“What am I doing here”
9. Wooden Rabbit Decor

Basically the same decor item as number 8 in different color. For some reason this is cheaper. We’re not sure if it’s a pricing error.

10. Spring Miniature Painted Clay Pots

Handmade, limited-edition clay pots. Very spring-y.

Set of two
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11. Easter Egg Hunt Figurine

Lively bunny figurine with smiley face. He’s shown holding Easter eggs and has a loop of Spring flowers around him.

Bunny wants to play!
12. Bunny Couple on Couch Sculpture

Just a bunny couple having their time on a couch.

“Oh My Darling…”
13. Flowerpot Frolic Easter Figurine
Happy Bunnies with Flower
14. Easter Carriage

The Easter bunny family is having an outing and the Easter chicks are bringing them to their destination in an egg-shape carriage. Great Easter decoration for home.

That’s Pretty Chic
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15. Hippity Hop Hooray Bunny with Pink Bow and Jelly Beans

One of our favorite Easter decorations for home and garden. This Easter bunny is a true beauty. White in color with mystic patterns on her head and body. Red ribbon around her neck. She is seemingly resting but with her ears wide open. Her posture and calm smile emanates tranquility.

Embodiment of Serenity
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