There is a boy in your life who is graduating from high school this year. Get a meaningful graduation gift for him to celebrate this important milestone of life.  Here, we have rounded up 14 unique and inexpensive high school graduation gift ideas to congratulate your son, grandson, brother, or boyfriend on the accomplishments.

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High School Graduation Gifts For Guys | Graduation gifts for high school boys

Best High School Graduation Gifts for Boys

1. Stuhrling Original Eton 3903 Men’s Watch

Watch is a classic graduation gift for guys. To celebrate the completion of high school, get this stylish watch for him. It features a beautiful brushed steel bezel, lush leather band, and powerful chronograph functionality. A fine watch that’s loved by young men.

Stuhrling Original Mens Watch
Stuhrling Original Mens Watch
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2. Inspirational Quote Pen

Something small to motivate your graduating boy. An elegant pen engraved with a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the Change that You Wish to See in the World.”

Inspirational Quote Pen | High School Graduation Gifts
Inspirational Quote Pen
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3. Coca-Cola Compact Refrigerator 

For the graduates who are moving out after high school. This mini fridge will be a fantastic addition to his apartment. It is good-looking and functional. Let your boy keeps his food and drinks in style!

Coca-Cola Compact Refrigerator | High School Graduation Gifts For Guys
Coca-Cola Compact Refrigerator
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4. Personalized Sentiment Pocket Compass

Adventure awaits for the high school graduates. Get a personalized graduation gift for him who is embarking a new life. This compass is handcrafted from brass and copper. You can personalize the inside lid with his name, commencement date, or a short message.

Engraved Compass
Stanley London Engraved Compass
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5. Dream Big T Shirt

Perfect statement tee for the high school graduates. It says “dream big”. A simple and stylish T-shirt for guys.

Dream Big T Shirt | Graduation Gifts for Guys
Dream Big T Shirt
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6. Man Meets Stove

If he is entering college after completing high school. This beginner cookbook will help your son to survive in college. It has useful tutorials and recipes for cooking simple and delicious food. No more surviving on dried noodles and corn chips.

Man Meets Stove Cookbook | High School Graduation Gifts for Guys
Man Meets Stove Cookbook
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7. Cleer Audio Enduro ANC Headphones

This premium headphones by Cleer makes one of the best high school graduation gifts for boys. It features sleek design, perfectly balanced sound, powerful noise-cancelling performance, and fine craftsmanship. Also, the Ambient Aware mode allows users to be aware and hear the around you without removing the headphones.

Cleer Audio
Cleer Audio Enduro ANC Headphones
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8. Green Army Men Push Pins 

Five soldiers fit for duty. They are ready to hold your notes, cards, and pictures.

Green Army Men Push Pins | Small Graduation Gifts for Guys
Green Army Men Push Pins
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9. Samurai Sword Bookends

An awesome room decoration for guys. A pair of metal bookends in the design of the Japanese samurai sword. It is definitely fun and cool!

Samurai Sword Bookends | Graduation Gifts for High School Boys
Samurai Sword Bookends
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10. Precision Repair Tool Kit

For him to tinker and repair computer, laptop, and other electronic devices. 38-piece precision screwdriver set with offset tweezers. Sturdy and easy to use.

Precision Repair Tool Kit | Graduation Gifts for Guys
Precision Repair Tool Kit
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11. KAKA Travel Laptop Backpack

A quality backpack will be appreciated by high school graduates. This minimalist designed backpack made of water-resistant oxford material is a wonderful choice. No matter he is going to college, work, or travel, this bag will be his useful companion.

It is well constructed with spacious compartments. Also features a padded compartment for laptop, a shoe compartment, and multiple pockets for storing pens, phone, and other small stuff.

Travel Laptop Backpack
KAKA Travel Laptop Backpack
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12. Beware of the Force Comical Boxers

Funny graduation gift for guys. Cover his behind with the Star Wars trio. Made of 100% cotton. It is comfy and fun to wear.

May The Forest Be With You Comical Boxer | Graduation Gifts For Guys
May The Forest Be With You Comical Boxer
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13. ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair

A compact folding chair that provides comfort and stability. Low profile, nice weight. Great for watching TV, gaming, concerts, camping, or shoreline lounging!

ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair | Graduation Gifts for High School Boys
ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair
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14. Magnetic Desk Globe

New adventures await after high school. Encourage him to travel around the world. A cool-looking globe that lets him mark places with magnets.

Magnetic Desk Globe | Graduation Gifts for High School Boys
Magnetic Desk Globe
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That concludes our list of 14 best high school graduation gifts for boys. Thanks for reading.

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High School Graduation Gifts for Guys | Graduation Gifts for High School Boys
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