A completely magical unicorn gift guide for that unicorn lover in your life. Let’s take a look at our list of 23 unicorn themed gifts full of the mythical creatures, rainbows, and sparkles. If you are looking for presents for her who is obsessed with unicorns, these are the perfect magical gifts.

These unicorn gifts are suitable for little girls, tween girls, teen girls and adults. Scroll down to discover now!


1.   Light Up Slippers

Step into this squishy plush slippers and let these cuties light up your way. They have gold horns, rainbow manes, and rosy cheeks with LED lights inside. Feel like walking on the cloud with them at your feet.

Unicorn Light Up Slippers. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Light Up Slippers

2.   Dogeared Life Is Magical Necklace

Life is truly magical. Girls, wear this gold unicorn on your neck and feel the extraordinary power it brings.

Dogeared Life Is Magical Unicorn Necklace. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Dogeared Life Is Magical Unicorn Necklace

3.   Rainbow Insulated Water Bottle

Pretty bottle to keep you hydrated. Leak proof, insulated. Perfect for the unicorn lovers.

Free Music Album - One With Nature
Rainbow Insulated Water Bottle. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Rainbow Insulated Water Bottle

4.   Be Yourself Wood Sign

Cute sign made with high-quality wood. It reads “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn then always be a unicorn”.

This is a vintage style decor that you can hang on the wall or let it sit freely on a flat surface.

Be a Unicorn Wood Sign. Unicorn decor. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Be Yourself Wood Sign

5.   Statement Hoodie

Cool sweater that speaks your truth! Solid white background, black statement, with adorable ears. It keeps you cozy and happy inside.

I am a Unicorn Statement Hoodie. Unicorn outfit. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Statement Hoodie

6.   Metallic Stretch Leggings

You can also get this silver leggings to match with the above sweatshirt. It is soft, stretchy and good-looking. Great outfit for school, street, and more.

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Silver Metallic Stretch Leggings. Unicorn outfits.
Metallic Stretch Leggings

7.   Unicorn Parking Only Sign

Get this tin sign and place it on that magical parking spot. Remind people that this place is for the magical creatures only. Violators will be turned into rainbows!

Unicorn Parking Only Sign Room Decor. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Parking Only Sign

8.   Magical Earbuds 

Fun headphones with good sound quality and comfy ear piece under $15. This charming earphones makes one of the best gifts for unicorn lovers.

Unicorn Earbuds. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Earbuds

9.   Decorative Light

Add a magical touch to your room with this light. It gives warm, comforting glow.

Unicorn Decorative Light for Room. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Decorative Light

10.   Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set

Girls, you definitely need these makeup brushes for your vanity area. The brushes’ unique handles are shaped like a unicorn horn and the pearly lilac shade is stunning. It comes in a set of 10 different sizes and shapes. Price below $20.

Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set

11.   Silver Holographic Laser Backpack

A stylish backpack that matches well with any outfit. It is made of laser synthetic leather. The colors of this bag vary with light change. It is spacious, durable and incredibly cool-looking.

Silver Holographic Laser Backpack. Back to school outfits. Unicorn outfits. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Silver Holographic Laser Backpack

12.   Unicorn Ballpoint Pen

Here comes the little magical creature to help you with your work. (Unicorn gift under $10)

Unicorn Ballpoint Pen. Unicorn school supplies for wannabe unicorn
Unicorn Ballpoint Pen

13.   Pink Fluffy Wedge Sandal

Dreamy pink heel that girls adore. Features 6″ heel, fluffy faux fur with a blue bow. It is magically sweet!

Pink Fluffy Slip On Wedge Sandal. Cute outfits for girls. Unicorn outfit ideas.
Pink Fluffy Wedge Sandal

14.   Unicorn Power Bank

Unicorn is coming to save your day. No more running out of battery when you are running errands. It has a capacity of 2600 mah. Delivers power to your mobile devices fast.

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Unicorn Power Bank. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Power Bank

15.   Enchanted Unicorn Bandages

Lovely bandages that every girl need. It will come in handy when you have small cut or blister. Stick it and let it works its magic to your wound. Soothe your mood and ta-dah pain be gone.

Enchanted Unicorn Bandages. School bag essentials. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Enchanted Unicorn Bandages

16.   Rainbow Pencils

Cute school supplies for girls of all ages. Made from recycled paper, rainbow pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows when you sharpen them.

Rainbow Pencils
Rainbow Pencils
Rainbow Pencils. School supplies for unicorn lovers.
Also available in white and gray

17.   Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Hit the pool with this unicorn and attract everyone’s attention. It is large enough to fit two adults. Ride it with your girlfriend and have fun splashing!

Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

18.   Unicorn Travel Mug

Who wouldn’t want this awesome travel mug priced under $10? It is a sturdy 16 oz mug featuring a colorful graphic of unicorns, rainbows, and stars.

Unicorn Travel Mug. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Travel Mug

19.   Holographic Wallet

Fabulous clutch wallet perfect for any unicorn lover. This zip around wallet has 12 card slots, 2 note compartments, and a phone compartment. It is functional and the colors are really amazing.

Holographic Wallet. Unicorn outfit ideas for wannabe unicorns
Holographic Wallet

20.   Too Faced ‘Unicorn Tears’ La Creme Lipstick 

Fantastic unicorn lipstick to add a holographic vibe to your lips. It can be used over your favorite lipstick or worn by itself. It creates a unique look of sheer lavender with a sky-blue shift.

Too Faced 'Unicorn Tears' La Creme Lipstick. Unicorn lipstick.
Too Faced ‘Unicorn Tears’ La Creme Lipstick

21.   Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

Sparkly glitter gel for face and body. Non-toxic formula, subtle scent. Great for wannabe unicorn.

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel. Unicorn gifts. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

22.   Holographic Nail Polish

Intense holographic sparkle for your nails, bae.

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Holographic Nail Polish. Unicorn outfits.
ILNP Holographic Nail Polish

23.   Rainbow Projector Night Light

Unicorn gift for the little girls. Cast a rainbow in her room for sweet, magical dreams.

Rainbow Projector Night Light. Unicorn decoration. Gifts for unicorn lovers.
Rainbow Projector Night Light

That concludes our list of 23 magical gifts for the unicorn lovers. Thanks for reading.

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Magical Unicorn Gifts for Unicorn Lovers
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